Best Cpu For Gaming- Know what cpu you need

For building the best gaming pc, you do not have to select the best graphics card only but processor is more important than that. If you think I am wrong, then I have my logic. A good graphics card cannot unlock it’s full potential if not used on a decent cpu.

If you think you can use a gtx 1080 on a Amd X4 860K which costs around $75 only, then you will see how your cpu is bottlenecking your graphics card. Instead of getting 60+fps, you will get 30 or 40. And that’s all because of the cpu you are using.

If you use a good cpu first then you can use any graphics card according to your budget and the capability your cpu has. So, I am going to mention the best processors for gaming for every budget both from Intel and Amd.

But before proceeding I want to clear some concept. You may be wondering how many cores do you need? So read the explanation below.

how many cores do you need

For particularly gaming, 2 or 4 cores is all you need. Forget about 6 cores or 8 cores. They are not used in any game right now. But people still buy them to future proof their pc’s. Now suppose you buy a dual core CPU, then you must acknowledge that you are also limiting your pc for better performance. A processor like Intel Pentium G3258 has dual cores and perform better than a quad core Amd X4 860K in many games but when you try to play games like Watch dogs, far Cry 4 or Battlefield 4 multi-player you will definitely observe bottlenecking.

Therefore choosing the most suitable gaming processor is not so simple. On the other hand there are Intel core i3’s which also have 2 cores but with hyperthreading which means each core will work as two dividing the overall power to the four virtual cores. It will definitely play all the latest games without bottleneck but some games may run slower because they recognize the real cores better. So, in this case an AMD Fx 6300 may be a better choice which costs less than an Intel core i3 but at the same time have two more cores.

Now the fastest processors for gaming are Intel Core i5 having 4 cores and 4 threads. They use full power of their cores and have much better single core performance than the Amd Fx series processors. If you have a good budget for your gaming pc, instead of getting amd processors i5’s are more worth the price.

Best Intel Gaming Processors

Intel processors no doubt have the best single core performance when compared to Amd processors. A huge community of gamers use intel processors even for basic works due to some very good advantages. Intel processors consume less power and they provide more performance per core i.e., almost 1.5 times more than the Amd processors.

They can even handle some of the most intensive applications and games without any problems. The other factor for choosing an Intel processor is that their generation is evolving continuously. Now we have sixth generation processors that support ddr4 memory which is not available with Amd processors. Other factor is the low power consumption. Processors like Fx 9590 consume almost 2-3 times the power as compared to the i3’s and i5’s.

1. Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary edition

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Intel Pentium G3258

This processor is the cheapest gaming processor from Intel. Best suited for a budget build of $300 to $400. With this processor you can expect a huge performance out of the box. Even if it is just pentium processor which only costs $70, it outperforms every Amd processor that comes under $100. I have included it in my Best budget gaming processors list also and without it that list is incomplete.

It is totally unlocked and you can overclock it massively. The core clock of this cpu is 3.2Ghz and with a custom Cooler Like Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO or better you can overclock it upto 4.7Ghz with stabillity. In many games it give a tough competition to higher end core i5’s and i7’s like Tomb Raider 2013 as it based on the same Haswell architecture as Core i5’s and core i7’s.

But it only gives that much performance when you overclock it. Without any overclocking you will be observing that it gets beaten my amd processors like X4 750K etc. But when overclocked more than 4.5Ghz, it gives almost equal performance to i7’s in games like Crysis 3.

I used this processor in my $400 build in past.

2. Intel Pentium G4560

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Intel Pentium G4560

The newest generation of Intel processors are based upon Kabylake architecture. These processors are a little faster than the skylake and haswell. The difference is not large though but the latest technology makes these processors power efficient and provides a little boost in applications.

The Intel Pentium G4560 is among the entry level cpu’s in the kabylake family. At the time of updating this post, it’s not yet on amazon but the other pentium’s of it’s family can be bought right now which are pentium G4600 and G4620. Both of them are expensive right now.

The G4560 has something special that is never seen in pentium processors and that is 2 cores with 4 threads, just like an i3. The other two processors G4600 and G4620 share the same thing but the clock speeds are different. The cache memory is 3mb as always, the core clock is 3.5Ghz and the TDP is 35Watts only as compared to 51 watts of G4600 and G4620 which makes it powerful at the same time with lower power consumption.

The integrated gpu it comes with is Intel HD 610 whereas the other two come with HD 630. But it really doesn’t matter what gpu it has because no one can play games on it. This processor will only cost around $65 and is right now available for buy. Check out my $300 gaming build to get the best out of this processor.

But what can I say from it’s specs is that people who waste more than $100 on i3’s can have almost the same performance at half the cost and when you go above the $100 mark, it is better to go with Fx 8320 or 8350.

3. Intel Core i3 7100

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Intel Boxed Core i3-6100

I previously listed the i3 6100 but as the newer i3 7100 is a little faster in applications and costs the same but with latest technology of Kabylake, it is fair enough to replace that with the new one. Although as I said earlier, if you want a 2 core hyperthreaded cpu, then go for the Pentium G4560 but if you have more cash, then i3 will be just ok for you which has more cache and performs better in applications.

For above $100 this processor is a worth buying chip and overwhelms some of the well known budget processors from amd like fx 6300. The comparison will show you real difference. The i3 7100 performs almost 20-30% faster with high end graphics cards. And with mid end cards you can get 20% performance more over fx 6300 and 10-15% as compared to i3 4130, the last generation i3 processor. This is a huge gap. The prices of i3 4130/i3 6100 and i3 7100 are same yet the latter is more powerful.

With i3 7100 you will also get a chance of using the latest kabylake platform with ddr4 memories. DDR4 memories are clocked higher and the more higher clocked memories you will use the more performance you will get with higher end graphics cards as illustrated by DigitalFoundry youtube channel. I3 7100 gives equal performance to i5’s when compared in Gpu intensive games and perform very close in CPU intensive games too. With 2 cores and 4 threads you will not have any problem in running any game unlike the pentium processors which only have 2 cores.

This chip is clocked at 3.9Ghz which is a huge jump from the previous generations and with 14 nm architecture it’s even more power efficient. For entry level rigs or mid end rigs, this cpu with a gtx 1050 ti or RX 470 will do very good and there will be very less issue of bottlenecking in most of the games. I have used this processor in my $500 gaming build which you can check out right now.

2. Intel Core i5 7400

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Intel Boxed Core I5-6400

I didn’t included the intel core i3 2nd/3rd/4th gen processors because they aren’t worth the money now a days. Go for either i3 skylake/kabylake processors or amd fx processors for the same amount of money. Intel core i5 now creates a new tier for gaming. Even though they are considered as mid end processors when compared to the i7’s but when it comes to gaming the performance difference between i5’s and i7’s are minimal.

Intel core i5 7400 is the lowest end i5 in kabylake series which is clocked at 3.0Ghz and has a boost clock of 3.5Ghz. This 500Mhz turbo boost will definitely give you boost in performance.  It has better single core performance, more multi-core performance and better performance in rendering applications like Cinebench and video editing softwares than the i5 4460 and i5 6400.

I previously listed the i5 6400 but now the i5 7400 is at the same cost and has more frequency clock. i5 6400 was clocked at 2.7Ghz as base and 3.2Ghz as boost. So you are getting a 300Mhz boost for the same price and even better single core performance.

If you have around $150 or more, then either go for the AMD fx series processors or just get this one by saving some more money because you will get upto 40% increase in fps in some games like GTA V and witcher 3. Believe me, it’s definitely worth the money.

See:- 600 dollar gaming build.

3. Intel Core i5 7600k

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Intel core i5 7600K

This is one of the latest kabylake based seventh generation Intel core i5 processor which is considered as the best power efficient processor as well. It uses LGA socket 1151 motherboards and supports ddr4 memories too. When compared to the i5 4690k it beats it in overall performance. The per watt performance, single-core/mulit-core performance and the power efficiency is higher than the previous generation i5’s. But the gap between the i5 6600K and 7600K is very minimal. The only thing is better performance in rendering applications and video editing softwares. Although gaming experience won’t be getting any benefit.

The only reason to choose this over 6600K is the same cost and better technology. Otherwise the lithography, socket, cache and cores are same. Except the core clocks in which the i5 7600K exceeds with 300mhz at base clock and boost clock respectively.

In applications like Cinebench and Compubench, it completely destroys the i5 4690K giving upto more than double performance in Compubench 1.5 (Bitcoin mining) and upto 40% more fps in CompuBench 1.5 (Video composition).

This processor is a very good choice for future proofing your system as not only it will support any high end graphics card but it also opens doors for ddr4 builds which are faster and more power efficient. Now there is no reason you should be using the i5 haswell processors as the cost is equivalent. So if you are building a completely new PC, I won’t recommend the Haswell processors but at the same time upgrading from i5 4690K to i5 7600K or from i5 6600K to i5 7600K is just a waste of money if you only want a little increase in gaming performance.

This processor is used in my $1000 build and also in $1250 build that are for maxing out games at 1080p and are also ideal for 1440p gaming.

4. Intel Core i7 7700K

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Intel Boxed Core I7-6700K

This is the very new intel 7th generation processor that is based upon 14nm architecture as the i7 6700K was based on. It is more powerful than the i7 4790K/i7 6700K and has better per watt performance. If you want to future proof your pc, then this processor is the best option right now and you will be able to use Z170 or Z270 motherboards as well.

The processor uses LGA 1151 socket motherboards and the best for this processor will be with Z170 chipset motherboards or Z270 motherboards that are unlocked for overclocking processors and memory. Similar to the i7 4790k/6700K it also has 4 cores and 8 threads which make it work like a octa core processor. When the gaming performance is considered benchmarks have shown that with a high end graphics card like Gtx 980 ti or Titan X it beats the i7 4790k by more than 10% and more than 20% when compared to the i7 2nd and 3rd generation processors.

However when compared to the i7 6700K, it does beat it in applications which are cpu intensive like Cinebench and Rendering operations, Gaming wise it’s completely identical. The only benefit you will be gaining is more clock speed. Intel didn’t jumped that higher that it should be and if you already have an i7 6700K or even a i7 4790K, there is no reason why you should upgrade to the kaby lake processor.

But if you are building a completely new gaming pc from scratch, I will definitely be recommending this cpu over i7 4690K or i7 6700K.

I am going to use this processor in two of my gaming builds: $1500 build and $1750 build.


NOTE: Now as far as i7 6800K or i7 5820k are concerned, I don’t think they should be on the list. Many websites use those processors for just marketing purpose and astray the people for some revenue in the name of gaming. I have even seen people including i7 6950X in gaming processors list. I mean “Seriously”, that $1700 processor for gaming where you can buy a whole high end rig for that price?

They will have almost zero to none increase in performance in gaming. In case of rendering applications of course they will perform better as they have two more cores but buying them just for gaming is wasting money as you will have to buy a X99 chipset motherboard too which costs way more than a simple Z170 motherboard. Overall your price will increase upto more than $200. 

Best AMD Gaming Processors

When it comes to budget and multi-tasking at the same time, you cannot say that Intel are better choice. But instead Amd processors are the only one which can do multi-tasking as they have more cores in a particular price range.

If you can buy a quad core processor or even a hex core processor in the same price as a dual core processor, why shouldn’t you go with it? I know Intel processors are better in single core performance, but when you want to run multiple applications at the same time when you are gaming, you cannot do it on a pentium processor.

Therefore at some point Amd processors have an advantage. Following are the best amd processors that I recommend when you have a budget of $70 to $170 for your processor. Above it I only recommend going with Intel processors.

1. AMD Athlon X4 860K

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AMD Athlon X4 860K

This is a budget gaming cpu which has 4 cores and 4mb of cache which is a good deal at this price. It’s a Fm2 socket processor which is older than the latest Am3 processors. Still this processor is used in many budget gaming pc’s because it provides four cores and a good core clock of 3.7Ghz which can be overclocked more than 4.0Ghz easily.

At the same price you can also get a pentium g3258 but the disadvantage is that you will only have two cores and lower base clock. It can serve as a good multi-tasking processor if you want to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

As stated by, the x4860K combined with R7 260x graphics card provides better performance in 3DMark and Battlefield 4 than Pentium g3258. Therefore it’s still a tough choice to choose between the pentium and this processor. But it all depends on your needs. If you want more cores, go for this processor. If you want more future proofing and higher performance per core, go for pentium.

2. AMD Fx 6300

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Perhaps the best processor for money is the AMD Fm3+ Fx 6300 processor which is hex core as well as totally unlocked. For this price this is a total bargain and you cannot get a better cpu than this at 100 bucks. With 6 cores you can do heavy multi-tasking and gaming easily. Even the core i3 which is a dual core processor costs more than 100 dollars. So why waste money on that if instead you are getting a hex core processor which is unlocked too.

This processor is best for a gaming pc for $400-$500 combined with a gtx 950 or gtx 960, it can deliver rock solid performance especially if you overclock it. It’s base clock is 3.5Ghz and boost clock is 4.1Ghz but you can overclock it even more with a custom cooler. The cache memory of this cpu is also good which is 6/8mb (L2/L3) which helps it to store more memory for faster operations.

3. AMD Fx 8350

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AMD Fx 8350

Going above $100 you have two choices either buy a fx 8320 or 8350. Fx 8320 has lower clock and therefore is slower. For a little more price, fx 8350 is a good choice. It features 8 cores and 8mb of L2 and L3 cache which is huge. With 8 cores you can do probably run any intensive application and games and your computer will still be able to run more applications.

It has a core clock of 4.0Ghz which can be overclocked to more than 4.5Ghz with a custom cooler. This processor although consumes more power but it’s worth the money. Instead of buying a core i5 4440 by adding more money you can get this one for a little less and have four cores more.

Processors that come after fx 8350 like fx 8370 or 9590, I don’t recommend them as for the same price you can go for Intel core i5 processors which provide better value for money and especially if you want to make your pc more upgradable.

Best Gaming Processors with Integrated Graphics

1. Amd A6 5400K APU

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AMD A6-5400K

Many gamers who are on a really tight budget can’t afford a graphics card. For this AMD has the solution. There are several Fm2 processors which are equipped with integrated graphics. The cheapest processor for gaming you can find on the market it the A6 5400K processor that costs less than $40 which is really low and a good choice for a potato pc that can really run casual games.

You won’t be able to play on high settings and on 1080p but 720p medium settings are best suited for this CPU. Games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, CSGO can be played at 720p medium settings with more than 20fps. On the other hand you have intel hd graphics which will cost you more as the Intel processors are expensive but at the same time they are easily beaten by the other high end AMD APU’s that cost lesser than the Intel Processors.

This processor is really worth the money and you can use it with a gtx 750 ti or similar to play games on 1080p mediums settings just as I have used this configuration in my $250 Gaming pc.

2. Amd A10 7860K APU

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Amd A10 7860K APU

This is a high end Kaveri Cpu from Amd’s side having 4 cores for main processing and 8 cores for graphics. That’s really insane. This CPU is clocked at 3.6Ghz and has a turbo boost of 4.0Ghz. Surely it is overclockable just like the A6 5400K and overclocking this processor increases the performance in games and applications. With 4 cores you can run any game and with R7 graphics, this Cpu can crush any generation Intel hd graphics, be it Intel hd 530 or Iris pro.

At just $100 you are getting double the performance of integrated graphics when compared to the i7 6700K which is 3.5 times expensive than this one. Gamers who don’t want to spend $100+ on a dedicated graphics card can play latest games and casual games on medium settings at 1080p. You will easily get around 20-30 fps or if you lower down the settings, then the frame rates will much better and the gameplay will be smoother.

3. Amd A10 7890K APU

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Amd A10 7890K APU

This one is the successor of the A10 7860K but has more core clock and more turbo clock. As compared to the A10 7860K, it has a faster clock of 4.1Ghz and a boost clock of 4.3Ghz. Even the Graphics clock is higher. The graphics clock of A10 7860K is 757Mhz and that of A10 7890K is 866Mhz. These factors combine to make it faster in games. Or if you want more then use a custom cooler to overclock it upto 4.5Ghz. That will extract some more awesome performance.

Just like the previous one you will be able to play games at 1080p medium settings and if you use a higher clocked memory then you will get a significant boost in performance. If you use a 1600Mhz ddr3 8gb ram, my recommendation is to use a 2400Mhz 8gb ram. This will boost the performance upto 25% which is really good as price to performance is considered.

If you want to upgrade in future, you are most welcome. It won’t bottleneck any entry level graphics card and even graphics cards like gtx 960 will perform at it’s very best. So it’s very good investment for future too. But of course you shouldn’t be expecting performance equal to an i5 or i7 or even equal to fx series processors like fx 8320/8350.


I am an engineer and a certified Hitech computer technician who loves to play CSGO. But this is not what else I love. I love to dive into the computer hardware and same goes for you. That's why you are here! AND YES IGNORE MY BAD ENGLISH:)

  • Indranil

    Great blog. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thank you Indranil 🙂

      • Indranil

        You have made a great website with good information and guide. 🙂
        I need advice about my pc. I want to get a new graphics card, and before coming here, I had already decide to buy zotac nvidia gt 730 2 gb ddr5.

        Here’s the problem. My pc is 4 year old and has 1st gen intel i3-550 processor in it(LGA 1156 socket). And the pci e slot in my motherboard is faulty(no graphics card works in it, i have checked my friend’s gpu in it). everything else works just fine.
        If I want to buy a new motherboard, old processor won’t fit in it as no motherboard is available now with lga 1156 socket.
        I really don’t want to spend a whole lot of money in this old system(as I planned to build a whole new system with $1000 budget within 1-2 year). One of my friend suggested selling both mobo+processor and buy a low price processor(like intel pentium G3258).
        I just want to enjoy some games at an enjoyable fps (not a great demand, is it?). My monitor is 1366×768 res.
        What do you suggest me now? What are my options?
        thanks in advance.

        • If you are getting pentium g3258 by selling your mobo and processor then you should not miss this deal. Haswell processors are way better than the first gen intel processors. And then you got to buy a new motherboard which I suggest to you to buy a very basic mobo : H81m chipset mobo which will cost you not more than $50. And there you can enjoy your games with your graphics card till you upgrade your system. hope it helps.


          • Indranil

            Thanks for the info.
            I am not an expert about computer, so can you please explain a few things to me?
            Intel pentium G3258 was released on june 2014 , while g3260 was released march 2015(at same price it has 3.3 GHz). Then why is G3258 better?
            And g3258 is a standard power processor. what’s the difference between a standard power and low power processor? any performance difference?
            what about the other pentium processors(like g3220) etc (they cost a little less here, around $15)

          • Even the G3258 is newer and has 100Mhz more clock speed, it is not unlocked which is a big drawback whereas the pentium g3258 can be overclocked upto 4.7Ghz with a good custom cooler and therefore it requires more power than the g3260.
            If you are not going to overclock your processor then you can go with g3260 but you will get a huge drawback for a little less money if you compare it to g3258.

  • baz

    this is my system at the moment and I want to upgrade this to gaming pc,
    I dont want to spend much money I can spare maybe 500 $ for upgrades
    what would you suggest me for good fps rating and game quality for that
    price range ?

    I dont undertsand from pc alot but what I was thinking was;

    get some 16gb ram, 2gb graphic card,

    but I dont know if my cpu will play or handle that do I need cpu aswell ?

    Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
    Intel Pentium E5800 @ 3.20GHz 67 °C
    Wolfdale 45nm Technology
    4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 398MHz (6-6-6-15)
    ASRock G41M-VS3. (CPUSocket) 44 °C
    Compaq S2021 (1600×[email protected])
    1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 (Undefined) 67 °C

  • Dan Hansom

    FX-8350 here. and its too slow. oc to 4.40 and its still too slow and poorly made to get the 100% out of my GPU. Junk amd just junk. wish i saved up and grabbed intel.

    • Sorry for that but actually it’s a good cpu. Sometimes, we don’t get what is expected but yes spending another 30 dollars for i5 is a wise choice.

      • Don Raggo

        but then you have to factor in the cost of a LGA 1150 compatible motherboard too…

        • There are several lga 1150 budget motherboards like h81m e33 and h97 chipset motherboards which cost under $100.

    • Brian

      I have the same cpu and i LOATHE it. I’m upgrading to a 6700k, Corsair Hydro cooling, DDR4 RAM and A motherboard, which I’m stumped as to what to get. An Asrock(red one) or a msi board. I’m so fucking sick of getting shit FPS with two 980’s SC edition SLI’d. I feel the same as you. I should have just saved up for intel, but then again, I wouldn’t be getting the 6700k, so I try to look at it positively.

  • Don Raggo

    that’s a brilliant, informative blog, well played !! was gonna get a rig with a 6700K but now looking at one with a 4790K, they seem to be more expensive overall, but the CPU is very important..

    • yes 4790k is cheaper and best for it’s price. Although i7 6700k surpasses it in many applications or games but i5 6600K is a much better choice as it delivers almost the same performance in games as the i7 6700k. And I think someone who wants to future proof his rig with a 6th gen intel processor then definitely there is no better processor than i5 6600K for gaming.

  • Anusha

    I wanted to know which gaming processor is good for desktop and budget is within 20K INR

    • In india intel core i5 6600K is available for around Rs 18000/-. The best processor for gaming.

  • Hamodi Erfani

    I want to buy a new CPU (Intel Core i5 4690k or Intel Core i7 4790k) do not know which on is better, myself playing mostly CSGO and samtimes in game im drop FPS to 40-60 in the smoke, it’l helps if I replace my CPU to one of this, Intel Core i5 4690k or Intel Core i7 4790k get higher FPS ?.

    my sytem

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

    CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz

    Memory: 8.00 GB of RAM (7.95 GB usable)

    Motherboard: ASUS maximus vi hero

    Current resolution: 1920 × 1080, 120 Hz

    Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

    • I dont think its your cpu. Its something else which is reducing your fps. Try updating your gpu drivers and lowering some settings like anti aliasing and off v sync.

  • Alex Sony

    We meet again…so today, I decided to tackle the big guns: the processor. I am jumping between the Intel G3258, the AMD Fx 6300, and the Intel i3 6100. Seems like an obvious choice, right? Just get the i3 and move on with life. Well, for me, it is a little harder to “”process”” than that. (hehe…nerd jokes) The biggest problem I have with this computer (AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4200+) is lag on multiplayer servers.(does not matter if the server is LAN or internet…still lags) I also get painful internet lag spikes, but that cannot be changed because of the service where I live. I figured the LAN lag was do to multitasking limitations, but I am worried that lower performance-per-core with the AMD Fx 6300 will still do harm…even with 6 cores. I could overclock it to make up for the processing, but I am not interested in spending extra money on a fan just to boost GHz, for now. Also, keep in mind that I will be constructing this particular rig throughout the year. So…I will most likely need more future-proofing than the G3258 can offer. So what do you think? Between the Fx-6300 and the i3, is it worth the extra $17 to get the Intel? I am caught between core number-VS- future proofing performance.
    Help is always appreciated!

    • Fx 6300 is a good processor but as compared to the single core performance, i3 6100 is faster. If your main aim is gaming then i3 can be good but as far as total value to price is considered fx 6300 is well known for both gaming and multi-tasking.

  • Freddie Tarling

    Hi, i’ve read this and it seems pretty useful but i’m not very good on the technical side of things, I was wondering if you could look at my specs and give me some pointers as to what would help me improve my set up, I can smoothly run battlefield 4 at ultra at least 60 fps, but have noticed some drops in newer games like fallout 4. It would be great if you could give me some ideas proof myself for games such as battlefield 1, or improve my gameplay on recent titles. Any help would be much appreciated (not just processors, all parts).

    CPU Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz

    Graphics Chipset: Sapphire Radeon R9 280x Dual-x

    Memory: 8GB of RAM

    Operating system: Windows 10

    • All of your components are good enough to run all the latest titles on ultra settings. But of course some newer games may have some problem. But still you will be able to play them smoothly.

      For battlefield 1, I can’t say right now until it’s recommended specs and benchmarks are shown.

      • Freddie Tarling

        Thanks for such a quick reply! I’m glad to hear that, but if you did have any recommendations to improve my set up what would it be? I forgot to mention I have an 800W power supply.

        • which brand?

          • Freddie Tarling

            I’m sorry but I cant remember which brand.

          • If it came pre-installed in your pc, then maybe it’s not good for graphics card. Just check. If it’s from EVGA, Cooler master, Corsair, seasonic, Antec and from known brands. You can count on it. Otherwise, change your psu first according to the graphics card you buy.