Best Gaming Processors for $100 to $200 in 2017

For mid end gaming builds, 100-200 dollars for processors is a sweet spot. For a decent gaming experience at 1080p and higher, processors that come between this price range can play all the games on high to ultra settings if combined with a decent graphics card.

These processors are good as core i7’s when gaming is considered although you will get a little bit boost with i7’s but you don’t really need very high end processors for gaming.

Both from AMD and Nvidia, from dual core to 8 cores processors are present in this price range that can handle almost any high end graphics card and can do heavy multi-tasking. For $100-$170 I recommend Amd processors as they provide more cores and better performance in gaming but when you reach near 200 dollars it’s better to use an Intel processor instead.

I have listed the best processor for money that you can buy in this year as well as provided reasons for not listing some processors as why they are not good for money.

Intel Core i3 6100

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Intel Boxed Core i3-6100

Intel Core i3’s are a good way to build budget gaming pc’s as they provide much better perforance than the amd processors when compared core to core performance. This one is even newer and requires LGA 1151 socket motherboards.

It is a skylake processor and based on 14nm architecture. Skylake processors are the most power efficient processors and require least power when compared to the haswell and broadwell processors. Right now the haswell i3 processors cost almost the same as the skylake i3 processors and therefore it’s better to get latest gen processor which will be a benefit to you in future.

It has 2 cores and 4 threads which will make it work as a quad core processor. Although with Amd you can get more cores but if you want better performance per core, then Intel is the best way to go. With base clock of 3.7Ghz it will really give awesome performance and is best suited for budget gaming computers.


AMD FX-8320

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Going above 100 dollars you get an awesome octa core processor from AMD which is fx 8320 black edition processor. This one is really for multi-tasking and gives best value for money. You can never get an octa core processor from Intel at this price. A lot of people use it and gave positive reviews.

It is clocked at 3.5Ghz and can be easily overclocked more than 4.5Ghz as it is unlocked. Compared to Intel core i3’s you have this advantage, because if you are an overclocker and want more free performance out of your processor then you should really consider going with unlocked processors and AMD Fx 8320 is a good choice. With 8mb L2 and L3 cache this processor is much faster than the i3’s.

No game today requires more than 4 cores and you will be able to play games like Far cry 4 easily with 4 more unused cores. It is best for Gaming pc’s above 500 dollars upto 700 dollars.


AMD FX-8350

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AMD Fx 8350

This processor is the big brother of the AMD fx 8320 and has almost the same specification like 8mb/8mb L2 and L3 cache, 8 cores and is totally unlocked. But it is clocked at 4.0Ghz which is 500Mhz more than the Fx 8320. A 500Mhz increase in base clock can provide you upto 10% of increase in performance easily.

With 4.0Ghz of base clock you can overclock it upto 5.0Ghz if you use a liquid cooler like Corsair H100i which is insane clock speed. Get ready for some serious overclocking with this processor.


Intel Core i5-4590

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Intel Core i5-4690

When you have 200 dollars in your pocket there is no better choice then the Intel core i5 processors. These processors are really worth the money. Many techs have claimed that the best processors for gaming are Intel core i5’s. They give you the maximum performance in games when combined with a high end graphics card.

This processor is the 4th generation Intel Haswell based cpu and has 4 cores and 4 threads. Again, as I said previously you don’t need more than 4 cores for gaming unless you do heavy multi-tasking and it can handle any cpu intensive application.

The single core performance of this processor is almost 1.5 times better than the AMD processors and with clock frequency of 3.3Ghz you don’t even need to overclock it. But you can always boost it up to 3.7Ghz but you cannot go beyond that as it is locked. But it doesn’t needs any overclocking.


Intel Core I5-6500

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Intel Boxed Core I5-6500

Skylake i5 processors are even better choice for the same price as the i5 4690 processor. It is based upon 14nm architecture as compared to 22nm architecture of i5 4690. It has better performance per watt and gives better value to price. As stated by, it has 10% faster performance in memory intensive programs than the i5 4690. Although the single core performance of i5 4690 is better but it is rated better than the latter one. If you own a LGA 1151 motherboard or want to build a ddr4 memory based and more future proof pc, then this processor is best for 200 dollars.

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  • DEZn00ts_1

    Great English my friend, you spell better then some of the Americans here. Great article too!


    Sir, I want to assemble a pc within about 45k mainly for gaming. Firstly, I have chosen Dell s2216h monitor (as I want FHD only) and gtx 950ti. So keep aside about 20k. Then I’m thinking of i3-6100 as it’s review is favourable for gaming. Now I’m clueless about what would be the next components. Please suggest me a good motherboard, whether ddr3 or ddr4 and what mghz, and good but cheaper HD, and I thought of a Corsair VS 450W. The rest is the case. And again I have no Windows os previously. So can I use copy version or ubuntu for free. And I need not any office work or anything serious to do with this pc as I have one in my office given by department. It’s just for gaming and multimedia entertainment. I can spend a bit more. So now I’m waiting for your early reply as I’m going to buy next month. Thanks for the articles and conversations that helped me a lot. Thank you.

    • Mobo: MSI H110M PRO – VH: Rs 5300
      Ram: kingston 8gb ddr4: Rs 2900
      Cpu: i3 6100: Rs 9400
      Psu: corsair vs 450w: Rs Rs 2500
      Case: Intex x series without psu: Rs 1600
      Hdd: 1tb wd: Rs 3800
      Total: Rs 2550/-.

      I think you mean gtx 750 ti. If yes, zotac gtx 750 ti will cost around Rs 10000.

      For os, you can use a copy version of windows 7 if you want to. But I dont recommend it if you have money.


        Thank you for your early reply.
        I selected Gigabyte h110m gsm. Is it anyway better than the MSI one?
        Next I haven’t found any Intex x series rather something like IT 216 model. And is the intex solid at all? The rest is ok. I’ve the CD of Windows 8.1 of my office pc that I think would do the job for OS.
        One more thing that people sometimes say me that assemble is not so good as one company made. And I may face some warranty issue. What’s that actually?
        Ok. I’m planning to do the job next month.
        Thank you again.

        • There is literally no difference between msi and gigabyte motherboards. Its just for connecting your components.

          Intex X series case is a damn awesome case at a very cheap price. I bought one for my friend and it’s quality is better than a case that costs $50. Anyways you can find more mid towers easily in marketplace or go to my components section and then gaming cases.

          Company made pc’s are full of crap. You get a crap Psu, crap gpu, crap cpu and crap case. Everything is overpriced and you get the same warranty as you would get with these individual components.