A Bug on Steam lets hackers to get control of your system

Who could have imagined that there was a vulnerability present for last 10 years in Steam Client which if triggered grants remote access to the host computer and the answer would be none? Thanks to Security Researcher Tom Court, who recently brought this to their notice and warned Steam about the vulnerability and the same has been fixed within 8hrs from the time it was brought to their notice.

The situation was dealt with Steam updates that went live on March 22 and it comes with a complete fixes to the in-game overlay and problems involving corrupt items on the Steam Workshop and on the other hand it also fixed the bug that made it possible for someone obliviously not for everyone but someone who can get access to your system with the help of remote triggering of a Steam Code.

According to Tom, the vulnerability was present at the core that dealt with fragmented datagram reassembly from multiple received UDP packets and it could be remotely triggered and he shows how in the video below:

From seeing the video it can be said that an attacker or a hacker can access your system and run it remotely. However, the process shown in the video is very simple to just provide a demonstration and it can be even more complicated if done with added things.

The good thing about VALVE is they are quick to respond and once they were made aware of the situation they work it out and release a patch just eight hours from the time they were made known of the facts. Developers should now often check old codes to ensure that they are patched from time to time as vulnerability changes from time to time also.


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