A Grand Alliance formed by Major companies to tackle Toxicity in Gaming

The online gaming industry is having a successful run in reaching out the interests of the gamer’s all around the world and gave them an open platform to enjoy their favourite games. With the Platform already in place, gaming companies have come across to Toxic communities who are spoiling this platform by using foul language in form of racism, sexism, and homophobia. This has certainly raised eyebrows of the companies to tackle this hatred community.

Fair Play Alliance

As many as 30 major companies have stepped forward to tackle this issue as a collective group through an organization called  Fair Play Alliance. This Grand alliance stands for making the gaming platform toxic free, companies like Blizzard, Riot, CCP, Twitch, Discord and Epic have joined hands to make a strategic approach in dealing with racial abuses, foul languages etc. However, the hope is is that by sharing research, lessons learned, and best practices, the companies will be able to develop a better understanding of why toxicity happens, and most of all, how to stop toxicity from happening in the first place.

Riot senior technical designer Kimberly Voll told Kotaku “A lot of these challenges today are super intimidating,”. “These are big cultural shifts. As an industry and as a society online, we’re trying to find our way. Having to be a company that steps out and says ‘We’re gonna be the ones to do this’ is kinda scary. This is an opportunity for all of us to say ‘What if we walked together as an industry?'”

Voll and many other designers from the Fair Play Alliance hosted a day-long summit at GDC this week, mainly sharing the thoughts of the process to be worked upon in the near future. The plan for Fair play Alliance is still unclear though, but an initiative towards cleaning up the toxic communities are in good hands.Looking at the collaboration, a long-term strategy will be made under which certain rules and regulations will be underlined to maintain the standards of the game.

Source:- PCgamer

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