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Yesterday PUBG team announced that a new map will undergo testing and this will be a 4×4 map codenamed: Savage. The announcement was made by Twitter and a brief information is provided on Steam community.

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Savage Map

The new map is 4x4km and right now it is not available for anyone to try but PUBG team has said that they want everyone to try this map for getting feedback. As the map is in Alpha testing, PUBG team doesn’t want anything broken. They will be testing this map two times.

The first test will be smaller and the next will be much bigger. With the start of the first test on 2nd April which will start from 7 pm PDT and end at 4 am PDT 5th April, PUBG team will let you know on Monday on how can you participate in this test. It’s also said that if you are active on the social channels, your chance of getting a key is more.


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