A player controlled boat for first time- RUST

Rust was released on February 8, 2018, on Steam and the game was developed by Facepunch Studios. The game is all about is to survive by any means. For making sure you survive,  you will need to overcome struggles of natural living hood such as hunger, thirst, and cold. To fight with those natural threats you can build a fire or a shelter to give a tight punch on cold’s face. For getting rid of your hunger you can kill animals for meat and even kill other players to protect yourself or kill them to eat there meat.

You can also create alliances with other players and form a town and thrive there with other and help each other out. Rust, the multiplayer survival game left Early Access back in February but is still receiving updates and additions which is really good for the players. The devs just released another new update this week by adding its very first player-controlled vehicle which is none but a motorized rowboat.

The catch in the update is that the Boats are not craftable which means you have to go out and find one. The boats will randomly spawn along the coastlines of the island map. Moreover, the boat will be having room for a driver and up to three passengers. It will require low-grade fuel to provide juice to the motors, and if left out in the elements a boat will decay in about three hours. Now there is an option to keep your boat along with you but in order to keep it you will require building a boathouse, currently, the game servers may spawn approximately 64 boats which means that there is no shortcoming to the supply of the boats.

The servers will also spawn floating piles of junk on the open water letting you work on something when you will be on your boat. A storage compartment is also included where the bow of the boat can be stored. They make it more natural letting the boats can sink after taking too much damage and the damages can also be repaired with a hammer, wood, and metal fragments.

For more details make sure to check out their Blogs.


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