A revolutionary gaming mouse from Lexip is about to make its debut

Hardware is continuously evolving and only because of the competition, companies bring new ideas to the table. Our favourite peripherals for gaming are without a doubt: A keyboard and a mouse. Some of us also love to use a controller and sometimes joysticks as they have the flexibility of movements in simulation games as well as have more fluidity. What if everything is combined into a single peripheral?

The company Lexip did the same. It produced a gaming mouse that has the features of a controller and a joystick. This mouse has two internal joysticks that will help you do the tasks which are generally not easy on a mouse like flying a jet, making fast scroll through inventory etc. I still suffer and face difficulty against flying a jet in Battlefield 4 because I have to move the mouse over the pad a lot in order to control it and at the same time I have to target the enemy but the mouse seems to have sorted out the problem.

 Lexip gaming mouse

The internal joystick of this mouse helps to track the movement easily by tilting the mouse shell and can register over 300,000 positions. So, you don’t have to move the mouse over the mouse pad for simple movements when you are flying a jet. The second joystick is present at the thumb button area which is a standard analogue control stick which is found on a controller. From this, you can scroll into your inventory with speed without any stop.

The mouse is said to be launched in June 2018 and the company has started funding in order to achieve their goals. Right now at the time of writing the company has funded over $21,600 from a total of $30,613 for their new project. The mouse will be priced around $120 which I found decent but it may not be for everyone.

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