ADATA achieves 5 GHz DDR4 overclock on air cooling

ADATA has successfully achieved 5 GHz on an overclocked DDR4 RAM without using extreme cooling methods. A bit over two weeks ago, G.Skill managed to also do this but they used liquid nitrogen instead of air cooling which is the cooling used by ADATA to get to 5 GHz. This also makes ADATA the second memory card manufacturer break the 5,000 MHz barriers.

ADATA Technology Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese storage and memory manufacturer, established in May 2001 by Simon Chen. Their main products include DRAM modules, USB drives, external hard drives and memory cards in Secure Digital and CompactFlash formats. ADATA is less commonly known for other products such as solid-state drives and digital frames. It has become the second largest worldwide DRAM module suppliers by 2008.

The use of air cooling paired with these high speeds is a sign of advancement in this field. Liquid nitrogen is realistically very impractical outside trying to break overclocking records or participating in similar competitions. Interestingly, ADATA is usually not the first corporation that we think of when it comes to these type of things. It’s more typical to see Corsair and G.Skill make headlines for huge achievements and speed records. Nonetheless, it is nice to see these manufacturers pushing hardware over the limits and always innovating. Obtaining such high frequencies by embracing the overclocking scene involves careful binning of premium memory chips. In this instance, ADATA utilised its XPG Spectrix D41 RGB memory kit outfitted with cherry-picked Samsung B-die chips.

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Despite such achievements, neither of the companies are actually selling these 5,000 MHz memory kits. It does make sense to a certain extent since it doesn’t really benefit a whole lot for users that use already existing memory kits such as G.Skill’s DDR4-4700 kit. We are excited to see which company will be the first to start mass producing and marketing their own DDR4-5000 memory kits.

Linh Gia Nguyen

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