Adata XPG brings Infrarex K20 Gamer keyboard with decent specs

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Adata XPG is famous for its memories but it has announced a brand new keyboard for gamers recently which should fulfil the basic needs of most gamers out there. There is nothing too special about it but the keyboard looks good when we take a look at its specs.

Infrarex K20 Gamer keyboard
Image source:- Guru3d.com

Adata XPG named it Infrarex K20 Gamer Keyboard that features black casing along with black matte accents. It is not sporting Cherry MX switches but instead using Kailh Switches that are rated at 50 million keystrokes. Along with that, it features RGB backlighting with a total of 11 effects. The keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting technology without which every mechanical keyboard is incomplete. This feature will ensure that when you press several keys at the same time, they all get registered simultaneously.

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The mechanical switches used in it use 50g of actuation force with a tactile feedback which makes you feel satisfied when you press them. The body of this keyboard is made up of a reliable material to provide a long lifespan and the keys are made ergonomic so that you easily press each key without letting your fingers slip off them.

Infrarex K20 Gamer keyboard 1
Image source:- Guru3d.com

The keyboard has a braided USB cable which is made flexible so that it doesn’t get entangled and prevent it from breaking. We don’t have any information on its pricing right now but we expect it to come to the market soon.

Source:- Guru3d



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