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LONDON, ENGLAND, August 2020 – Cleaning your thermal paste has never been simpler with Akasa’s new TIM Wipes (with TIM short for Thermal Interface Material), a convenient and efficient way to clean your CPUs, GPUs or heatsink bases.

Featuring Akasa’s enduringly popular TIM Clean fluid on a pre-moistened wipe, the TIM Wipes retain the fluid’s
effective cleaning inside an all-in-one package. Each TIM Wipe is individually wrapped and moistened with TIM Clean fluid, a safe citrus-based solvent, and at large size of 175 x 180 mm allows for cleaning of both your CPU and heatsink with one wipe.

The fluid removes your thermal interface and leaves no residue, allowing the clean, fresh application of thermal paste. This is essential for maximising thermal conductivity between the heat source and heatsink, making the wipes perfect for PC enthusiasts looking to revamp their PC’s cooling capabilities.

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The TIM Wipes can be bought either in boxes of 10 or in a TIM Wipe Kit, consisting of 5 TIM wipes and 5g of high-performance AK-455 thermal compound with a spatula, an all-in-one kit which allows you to easily remove all thermal interfaces and apply new thermal compound in one go.

The combination of Akasa’s multi-use advanced thermal compound, which maximises heat transfer from the chipset/CPU to the heatsink, with TIM Clean in individually packaged wipes and a plastic spatula, equips you with everything needed for thermal cleaning.

Other thermal interface solutions, including different thermal compounds, gap filler and adhesive tape can be found on the Akasa website.

Time Clean Wipes Specifications and Customisation Options

Application- CPU, GPU and heatsink cleaner
Size (mm)- 175 x 180
Total pcs- 10 wipes
Solvent type- Safe to use citrus-based solvent
Product code- AK-TCW-02


• The TIM Wipes starts at £6.95 and the TIM Wipe Kit starts at £7.95 (prices may vary by reseller).
• The TIM Wipes are available to order starting today and the TIM Wipe Kit is available to order soon throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Contact sales@akasa.co.uk to find a reseller near you.
• More thermal solutions such as thermal compound, gap fillers and adhesive tapes are available from Akasa

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