AMD are already working on Zen 5 processors instead of Zen 4

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AMD is taking things a little further than what we would expect and they are moving straight onto designing the AMD Zen 5 processor architecture instead of the development of the Zen 4. The release of the AMD Risen 2 processors is coming up very soon on 19 April but they are already progressing ahead to the chips which are to follow this Zen + CPU design.

In this following video, where Suzanne Plummer explains how they were using the Zen CPU expertise to assist in improving the frequency, performance and power of the next generation graphics cards. Mike Clark from AMD also admits being already working ahead on the Zen 5. “It’s very exciting,” he states, “As an architect, I’m already working on Zen 5 actually.

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With previous information, we already know that the AMD Zen 2 is complete with its design is going to begin with sampling before the end of 2018. It should be ready for launch in March or April of 2019 and they also claim that they have been working on the AMD Zen 3 design for some time already.  With the promises by the design team to always work on the development of the next two generations and the fact that the second generation CPUs are essentially complete, it would make sense for AMD to be already working on fourth-generation Zen chips.

The New AMD will be working on shipping a current CPU,” AMD’s Mark Papermaster said back in May last year, “and developing the next two generations, at any point in time. That’s our commitment to our customers.”

How come Mike Clark is working on the Zen 5 and we don’t see the Zen 4 yet? It is speculated that it is because number 4 is seen as very unlucky in China so AMD is just “jumping” over it. Technically, this would make Zen 5 the fourth generation of the Zen-based processors which can be slightly confusing. Well, they could also give Zen 2 processors Ryzen 3000 codenames.


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