AMD China launches slower version of RX 580

Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G OC

A few days ago we posted about AMD releasing new RX graphics card series which were to be based on the Polaris 30 architecture and will be slightly faster than the RX 500 series graphics cards. There is a user on 3DMark named ED1981 who posted the benchmarks of RX 590 which tells us that it is almost 8% faster than the current RX 580 graphics card. Meanwhile, AMD has launched another graphics card that is currently available on the official website of AMD China.

This product is named as RX 580 2048SP which implies that the GPU has 2048 Stream Processors and all the specs have been listed out. The graphics card though has the name of RX 580, features the specs of RX 570 with slightly higher core/boost clocks. It’s unclear whether the RX 580 2048SP will be available in China only or not but this is not the first time we are seeing these kinds of things from AMD or Nvidia.

They have been tweaking the names in the past to make more sales, however, people don’t always notice this. A lot of people can get easily confused that the RX 580 2048SP is the real RX 580 but taking a look at its specs one can clearly distinguish it from the RX 580. It features 32 Computing units, 128 Texture units, and 5.1 TFlops as its Compute performance while the original RX 580 features 36 Computing units, 144 Texture units, and 62. TFlops as Compute performance.


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