AMD FreeSync 2 coming to Xbox to provide tear-free gaming

Xbox One SConsoles always stay behind the PC in almost everything when it comes to gaming although there are some good exclusive titles on consoles that never came to PC making them having an upper hand but most of those titles were either capped to run at 30fps(which is the most common case) or at 60fps. Particularly when a game is graphics intensive and is not able to reach 60fps, the console has to make it run at a fixed 30fps because between 30 and 60fps the game suffers tears which make gaming very poor experience.

Now an official report has come from Microsoft that the AMD is now providing the Xbox One S and Xbox One X with AMD Freesync 2 to provide tear-free gaming which will allow you to play the game on higher frame rate say 45fps if a game can achieve it without any limitations on fps. This time the game won’t suffer any tears in the gameplay as the console will try to match the fps of the game but this is unique because generally the monitor is made to equip AMD Freesync or Nvidia G-Sync which makes the cost of the monitor much more than the ordinary monitor.

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Consoles will be pre-equipped with this technology which won’t require you to have a monitor having AMD FreeSync. Consoles are enabled with V-Sync which makes the fps capped at 30 or 60fps making the game laggy as it takes time for the monitor to match the fps of the game but with FreeSync neither the lag nor fps limitation will be a thing in the way of console gamers. This update will be provided by Microsoft with the Spring update.


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