AMD made a good profit from miners

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Several months have passed since miners started to make money from mining and while gamers suffered, big fishes like AMD made a huge profit from this. When one technology works in two areas and both are profitable, this is where the companies get their boost in revenue. AMD has sweets in both of his hands. It sells to gamers and miners but as the RX series graphics cards are the most effective mid-high end cards for mining, most people bought the AMD cards than Nvidia.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that despite Nvidia being the King of graphics cards right now having a huge margin in the graphics card industry, AMD has picked up the race with enthusiasm not holding anything back. This made AMD gain a good amount of revenue increase since last year. AMD’s GPU market share increased from 29.5% to 33.7% in the fourth quarter of 2017. Rest 66% goes to Nvidia which is still double but this is what happens when there is a head to head competition if two or more companies provide good products.

The Vega graphics cards although did not provide a good value for the money, the mid-end cards like RX 570 and RX 580 were a boon for AMD that proved good both in gaming as well as in mining. Currently, you won’t find these cards below $500 even though their cost is around $200-$250. This is because of the shortage GPU market is seeing.

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As said earlier, the mid-end cards were the most effective in the last year quarter with about 51.7% shipments from the total which was 41.5% last year. One of the reasons of high-end graphics cards not getting up to that level maybe the skyrocketing prices of cards like that of GTX 1080 Ti which is going way above $1000 although its MSRP is $700. Dr Jon Peddie estimated that the cryptocurrency miners bought more than 3 million Graphics cards last year totalling to $776 million.

Bitcoin which is the most successful and famous cryptocurrency is currently seeing a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes going above $10K and right now sitting between $7.5K-$8K. This may be a good start for AMD to get more revenue from miners as they haven’t put any limitations on selling to miners but if the cryptocurrency market crashes, how AMD will pick up the race again, we have to wait to see.

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