AMD Navi GPUs will be equivalent to the GTX 1080

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AMD GPU roadmap

Multiple reports came to us about the Navi GPUs that are supposedly the next generation of graphics cards from AMD using the Navi architecture which is to be based on the 7nm process technology. AMD is currently planning to launch it in 2019 and it is to be made the successor of the famous mid-end mainstream card RX 580 which is based on the Polaris architecture.

The new architectured Navi GPU is said to compete with high-end graphics cards of current generation like GTX 1080 and Vega 64 but the pricing is said to be below $300 and close to $250 which is the actual price of an RX 580 although you can’t find one right now at this MSRP. But in 1 year what right now is called a high-end may come in the mid-end category although it may exceed the expectations of the mid-end cards.

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AMD has readied to prepare this new GPU and there will be two versions of it. One for the desktop and one for the Laptops. Even while the Navi GPU will compete against such a high-end graphics card like GTX 1080 but many don’t consider it as a high-end card, among them is Fudzilla.

AMD has been successful in selling the RX 400/500 series graphics cards in the last 2 years because mainstream cards which are between $200-$300 are sold the most and provide the best performance for 1080p gaming which is still the common trend now. Not only gamers but miners also took so much advantage of the AMD cards especially when AMD didn’t put any limitations on the selling of cards. That’s one of the reasons that AMD is not trying to bring something very high-end like 1080 Ti or Titan V because most of its profit comes from the mid-end cards and they have now known where the profit lies.

The Navi GPU is definitely going to use HBM3 or GDDR6 memory especially when companies like Samsung has already started mass production of GDDR6 memories and 1 year down the line it’s going to become common and more popular than the GDDR5. Whatever will be the case, it’s interesting to see that AMD is always trying to bring something new to the table with a lower price than Nvidia. Still, there is no doubt that both the companies provide very capable GPUs in competitive pricing.

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