AMD Polaris 30 RX graphics cards to be launched soon

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AMD launches a new lineup of products on a particular architecture or technology over a few years. This has been seen as in the case of AMD Ryzen processors as well as AMD RX graphics cards. This is the third time, without bringing a completely new architecture AMD is going to launch a new lineup of RX series graphics cards that will use the Polaris 30 architecture based on 12nm technology.

The first one to be launched will be the RX 570 which will be the refresh of the current RX 570. The current RX 570 use 14nm technology and according to Guru3D, using 12nm technology will allow higher clock speeds which mean that we can see around 10-15% more performance. It’s nothing to be surprised of because we have already seen that this is similar to the time when RX 500 series GPUs were launched after the RX 400 series GPUs.

RX 570 will be featuring 2048 Stream Processors while the RX 580 will be featuring 2304. RX 570 is said to be launching around mid-October according to PCOnline while the RX 580 is expected to release in the late November. With this launch, AMD might get some increase in GPU shares but to be honest, Nvidia will still be leading way ahead because of the GTX 1000 series graphics cards.



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