AMD Releases a Semi-Custom Ryzen Gaming Quad-Core SoC

A mustang with 24 Vega CUs & 8GB GDDR5 packed in the Hood

Announced by AMD sometime yesterday was the coming of yet another processor with its Zen architecture slated to arrive with a semi-custom SoC (System-on-Chip). It seems more Zen-flavored CPUs will be coming to town this fall, asides AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper WX series & Ryzen 2000 series. Also specified is the fact that the SoCs will be part of Zhongshan Subor gaming consoles & Gaming PCs releases.

AMD Beefy Ryzen

Its design brings home memories of the module AMD designed in partnership with Intel for its Hades Canyon NUC.  It combines the strength of the 1st Gen. Ryzen RX 580 (4-core, 8-thread, base clock 3GHz) & the excellent graphics of a Radeon Vega GPU with 24 CUs (Compute Units) running at 1.3GHz. Integrated into the single chip is an 8GB GDDR5. Under the hood of the Vega GPU Power Porsche is an impressive number of CUs which gives the Ryzen 5 2400G a nice boost with base clocks of 3.4GHz & boost clocks of 3.8GHz, ahead of AMD’s Ryzen 5 2400G APU, that features 11 Vega CUs clocked at 1.25GHz which also taps into system memory.

The SoC provides support for AMD technologies like FreeSync & also the most recent Radeon software Adrenalin Edition software. According to AMD, designing a semi-custom gaming SoC for a Chinese firm (Zhongshan Subor) is an exciting opportunity for AMD to make its High-Performance Tech. even more accessible to gamers in China.

It’ll be good if AMD decides to introduce similar SoCs to other manufacturers in the global market. The Subhor brand will be releasing Gaming PCs in China later this month. A gaming console using the same Ryzen-Vega SoC will also be launched during the late chapters of 2018. AMD’s creation was exhibited at ChinaJoy & the company has also announced that semi-custom SoCs will be made available to customers, enabling them to design top-notch gaming systems well tailored to their respective target markets.


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