AMD to tailor up 7-nanometer CPUs and graphics cards Soon

In a recent interview with AMD, it was disclosed that it’s sampling for the next-gen Zen 2 processors will be 7-nanometer, which they are preparing to launch in 2019. This news broke out when some sources revealed that the Intel’s 10-nanometer cannon lake chips won’t be ready until 2019. Ironically, it is due to this reason that it gets passed over by its PC arch-rival AMD.

AMD is also testing a “Radeon” Instinct machine learning graphics cards which will be capable to use 7-nanometer “Vega” based technology. These GPUs will be built by TSMC, as per the AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su, but for processors and other products company will use their Global Foundries.

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Radeon Instinct
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In a recent affair, AMD also launched its second-generation Zen chips which use 14-nanometer. But, with this move, they have taken a giant leap by jumping to a 7-nanometer manufacturing process. According to TSMC, this current race to develop the most ultra tech GPUs between these giants will lead to the usage of bleeding-edge extreme “ultraviolet lithography” rather than regular visible wavelength light. Needless, to say this step by AMD was a complete shocking surprise to everyone.

No doubt, if AMD hit its targets this time, it’ll put a tremendous pressure over Intel, which is about to introduce their 10-nanometer tech by 2019. It’s nothing less than a nightmare for the Intel. Surprisingly, Intel did say that its technology is a generation much ahead of other firms 10-nanometer. But, ironically even though if that’s accurate, AMD 7-nanometer chips would completely erase demolish the Intel in terms of performance. If they’ll succeed in their target. According to leaked sources, AMD’s next-gen “Vega” graphics tech has about double the memory interface width & bandwidth of its current GPUs. That’s quite an impressive stats.

Till now, AMD didn’t say a word about the 7-nanometer graphics tech, also whether they’ll be using machine learning tech to these gaming cards, needless to say with the current state of advancement it’s a question of when they’ll use. As AMD’s is keenly looking forward to this GPU is bring a revolution in the gaming industry.

Source:- Engadget

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