Anno 1800: Under Construction

Ubisoft and Blue Byte are ready to release another series with the famous title ANNO, and with the previous of the two being set in the future, this one is based on the plot of Industrialisation and named as ANNO 1800.

The game is currently under development and will be released in Winter 2018, however, the interesting part will be the testing one where you can be able to play the game even before its official release and more over your feedback will be listened by the devs which in term will be used to improve the game before its official release.

Anno 1800, the game:

The Dawn of New Era: The game welcomes you to the 19th Century world which is basically the time of industrialization, diplomacy & discovery. The in-game world is full of advanced technological innovations, Politics and changing allegiances which sets the perfect setting for the gameplay. The game also offers players sufficient opportunity where they can prove their skills as a ruler and create huge metropolises, plan efficient trades and transportation along with discovering new lands to expand their current empire or even can dominate their opponents any in-game means.

A Classic Anno Experience: As with other ANNO titles, the latest game Anno 1800 combines a rich city-building experience with an inclusion of a story-based campaign along with a customizable sandbox mode and the classic Anno multiplayer experience. This game will see the return all-time favourite features, such as individual AI opponents and shippable trade goods along with randomly generated maps, multi-session gameplay, items and many more.

Choose Your Strategy for Victory: As a ruler, you will lead prosperous metropolises which will require you to often adapt to a new strategy based on your current scenario by fulfilling the needs of the people of your and also dealing with AI rulers by trading or dominating through warfare or sharing your world for profitable trade relations.

Ubisoft has launched a service named as Anno Union alongside the development of the game which will let the fans of the famous titles to vote on various elements of the development process. For more details information make sure you visit Ubisoft’s official page.


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