Another new Killer available for Dead By Daylight- THE PIG

The PIG 2

Dead by Daylight is a horror game where you need to escape from a killer who will find you and hang you on a hook so that you die and won’t be able to run away. The game has a Killer and a Survivor mode. In survivor mode, you survive with 3 other players playing online and in Killer mode, you become the Killer and kill all those who are surviving.

There are currently several types of Killers that have different powers and chase the survivors differently. Dead by Daylight now has added another Killer known as THE PIG who has a stealth power to capture the survivors and will put a trap on the head if she catches anyone of them. This is a new addition known as The Saw Chapter and is currently available for purchase.

The PIG 1

When she crouches, she will lack terror radius which makes her stealthy enough to quickly catch a survivor. Then she will put the trap on the survivor’s head which is having a timer. This timer starts as soon as the survivor repairs the generator. Then either of these two things will happen -1. The survivor escapes or 2. The trap kills him.

The only way to remove that trap is to find the key which can unlock it and have to be searched for in the game.

Weapons of PIG

Hangman’s Trick

This lets the hooks to be protected against the permanent damage and the PIG will be notified when someone starts sabotaging the hooks.


This helps the PIG to know about the last repairing generator by its Aura.

Make your choice

It helps the PIG to track the person who tries to rescue a survivor from the Hook. But the condition is that, that it should be not far away more than 24m from the PIG.

The game also has added another Survivor named David Tapp who has different abilities to survive in any condition and has more courage than any other survivor. This update was done on 23rd Jan 2018.



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