ANTEC’s New Mercury RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Series Unveiled

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ANTEC (founded in 1986), a leader in the PC Gaming components market (cases, cooling & power supplies) has just announced the official release of an AIO CPU Cooling solution, the new Mercury RGB Series (120,240 & 360),  which is backed by an ANTEC 5-year warranty.

The Package

Each member in the Mercury RGB Series comes with a very durable Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coated tubing & Nylon-braided tube sleeves. In the package is an included adapter cable to aid with the easy set-up process which involves plugging it into a –Pin motherboard & Serial AT Attachment Power.

The CPU Cooler is fortified in a carbon-metal skeleton with non-lubricated graphite bearings and a hard-wearing ceramics axis. A brilliant Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) fan which packs 30 LEDs is an included feature of the Mercury RGB’s which can be easily synced using the integrated RGB or motherboard connection. The installed pump block LEDs change color based on the temperature of the Mercury RGB Cooler.

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Flashing, Gradient color cycling, single color & breathing are the multiple RGB modes available.  Engineered to keep a cool Head Created with high-quality components, the Mercury RGB CPU Cooler Series has been optimized to ensure an average CPU runs at a cool temperature for up to 40,000 hours.

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Installed is a high-performance pump with high coolant pressure (2.3m water pressure with a flow rate of 3,5I/min). It is made of a three-phase motor & ultra-quiet closed impeller design which ensures maximal water circulation resulting in a noise-free & cool system running. The fan has also been optimized to produce less noise. The PTFE-coated tubing is not only hard-wearing but also very resistant to high temperatures.

After several tests, the CPU Coolers have been guaranteed & coupled with an ANTEC Warranty, to last a minimum of five years.


The new ANTEC RGB Cooler’s durability & warranty is impressive. It offers a nicely polished solution to PC Gamers with cooling problems; however, the RGB Cooling arena packs a tough competitive space for the ANTEC beauty. With competition from Cooler Master, Deepcool & Corsair (to mention but a few), the new AIO series might have a tough time grappling for sales due to the prices slated for the various models, as not much differentiates it from other RGB AIO Coolers being sold at the same price point.

Price & Availability

The Mercury RGB Coolers can be purchased at Amazon & ANTEC’s online retail platform at the respective prices:
Mercury 120 at 81 Euros
Mercury 240 at 109 Euros
Mercury 360 at 136 Euros

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