Apple has Siri, Windows has Cortana and now Ubisoft has SAM….a virtual Assistant.

We have experienced a lot of digital changes in various modes of Digital World like, Windows bringing Cortana, Apple has Siri and now out of a sudden Ubisoft has its own virtual Assistant which is named SAM which is rolled out for Canada a few days back. SAM is a virtual assistant geared specifically for gaming, and Ubisoft has started to weave a beta version of the service into its existing Ubisoft Club companion application aimed at Canadian gamers. Ubisoft is clearly treating Sam as it is now, to gather data and measure people’s reactions to this idea. After a short demo of the app, it is pretty clear everyone won’t find Sam useful like Siri or Cortana for their day to day life activities.

It is confirmed that the beta version of Sam is now available in English on Android and iOS (Canada only),  it has nice accuracy and quite responsive, the developer team is also using the opportunity to showcase the daily login feature of SAM which is tied with Ubisoft club account and it also analyzes your in-game bearing and stats, and then it will provide you with a content or video based on your recent playing. It is first rolling out for Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft has plans to implement SAM in other games as well.

Sam’s real value lies in its presence as a sort of personal gaming assistant. Imagine it this way, you’re a hardcore regular Rainbow Six: Siege player, and once you sign into the Ubisoft Club, it syncs with your past gaming activity and provide you with a recap of your last match, and provide you with you last gaming stats about how many PVP rounds you’ve won so far, and if your performance is not so good it can offer you some guide or training session on YouTube to help you get even better. If the feedback from the beta version lives up with the expectation, we might say it will be integrated with other games which will enhance your gaming sense and ability making sharp gamers more sharper.

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