Apple stops making AirPort WiFi routers

For a long time now, rumours of Apple exiting the wireless router market finally became reality. Apple has officially discontinued its Time Capsule base stations and AirPorts. The devices will now only be available while the supply lasts, however, Apple will still provide hardware and software support such as patching bugs and vulnerabilities.

The Apple spokesperson did not provide a reason for discontinuing the AirPort range however it is understandable if you take into consideration the circumstances. When Apple introduced the AirPort line in 1999, WiFi was a luxury, unlike today. Today, the WiFi routers are very common and are found everywhere. A cheap router is adequate for general use for most people. For more expensive routers, people can pick from a range of routers that specialise in different areas. Either a fast router or a mesh router that covers more area. So why would you want to spend money to get an expensive AirPort router that isn’t special in anything but its name and simple software?

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This does not mean that Apple will never return to making routers again. The company might one day revisit WiFi routers if they see some sort of potential for innovation. You don’t really need a router from Apple for media sharing these days especially when there are connected speakers like the HomePod.

This decision is final and it is bittersweet for the fans regardless of what Apple is going to do next. Seeing Apple leave the router market that was built by them is pretty sad. The routers today aren’t simply as indispensable they used to be. They aren’t competitive in the market either if we are talking about its price. The only thing that attracts customers is its integration with the Apple ecosystem and the design which makes it look the device look sleek.


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