ARK Park VR game will soon release on Steam

Snail Games is going to launch the ARK Park VR game on Steam on March 22. The company Snail Games was founded in 2000 and have produced several digital products like VR games and Mobile games. The new ARK Park VR game looks very much similar to the ARK Survival in visuals but in gameplay, it’s more inclined towards the educational purpose and you won’t have to survive building a base and train dinosaurs like in ARK Survival.

The game is made to take your experience with dinosaurs to next level by making you immerse into their environment by the VR devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

What’s the Game About?

The game is made for you to live between the dinosaurs like in real life with the VR headsets experiencing their power, structure and actions all in a Dinosaur Theme Park. The game will allow you to play single or with friends to witness and watch over 100 different dinosaurs without any schedule.

Features of the Game

1. Sceneries: The game features 10 sceneries which you can visit alone or with your friends as the game is multiplayer.

2. Collect Items: You can collect materials like Dinosaur DNA and other materials to craft items for yourself. You can also trade them for Engrams to craft more items.

3. Raise a Dinosaur: If you find a dino egg in your way of search, then you can take it with you until it hatches. You can raise it up until it grows to become big enough to ride on.

4. Defend: When you go out with other survivors, make sure you defend the items and research outposts from the rampaging dinosaurs.

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Some Screenshots from the Game ARK Park 2 ARK Park 3


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