ASRock brings new budget motherboard for Ryzen- X370 Pro4

ASRock already has several good motherboards for Ryzen processors especially when its B350 chipset is considered but now it has brought one new motherboard with X370 chipset which is going to be released in Early March. This motherboard is X370 Pro4 and will be compatible with every Ryzen processor and when the Ryzen APUs are now in the market, you can take advantage of it with those new APUs.

ASRock X370 Pro 4

The board comes under budget category and it can be by no means the best for overclocking, rather it should provide a decent potential for supporting mid-high end components. The board features a 9 power phase VRM that has decent and “OK-OK” heatsinks which can be seen on most of the ASRock motherboards. With 9 power phase, you can overclock any Ryzen processor properly with a good aftermarket CPU cooler but don’t think that it will break some kind of records.

The board has 4x DIMM slots that support DDR4 memories clocked up to 3200Mhz which is still decent and is not at the top of the line. There are two PCI-Ex 16 slots that support AMD Two Way CrossfireX. In between, there are a total of 4x PCIx 1 slots that can be used for sound/wifi cards. For fast storage, there are 2x M.2 slots present that can be used for NVME SSD’s.

Aesthetic wise it’s just normal with a Black PCB having White accents. There are no onboard troubleshooting buttons but when the price is taken into consideration, there should be no complaining. The board is priced at 95 Euros which is very decent and budget-friendly.

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