ASRock Phantom gaming cards will be available from 1st July in EU

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Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G OC

If you remember the Phantom Gaming Graphics cards from ASRock, then you might be aware of the rumour back in May that the Phantom graphics cards won’t be available in the EU and USA. This led to a lot of misconceptions and debates on different sites but that rumour soon came to an end after ASRock confirmed that this was not the truth.

ASRock is one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards and it has started the production of the AMD Radeon graphics cards under the Phantom Gaming series. ASRock teased about these cards a lot and finally, in March, they revealed them. This series will consist of RX 580 8Gb, RX 570 8Gb, RX 560 4/2Gb and RX 550 4/2Gb graphics cards and now get ready, because they are going to hit the market soon in EU also.

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Hilbert Hagedoorn of Guru3d has received the confirmation from ASRock EU that the Phantom gaming cards will be available from next week starting from 1st July in the EU region. The prices of the cards will be as follows:-

1. Phantom Gaming RX 580 8G OC- €329
2. Phantom Gaming RX 570 8G OC- €319
3. Phantom Gaming RX 570 4G OC- €295

Reviewers have received the sample products from the company and reviews will be available in a few days.



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