Assassin’s Creed next mega title is “Odyssey” confirmed ahead of E3

Assassins Creed Odyssey

We recently came to know about the next title of the Assassin Creed Series which was revealed by a keychain containing the name and logo of the gaming series. Earlier we heard about the rumour of a next Assassin Creed game which will be set in Ancient Greece. And soon after this news spread online and soon became viral following this a post was made by Assassin Creed on Twitter that revealed that the rumour is true and we will be seeing details about this game at E3 this month.

The Twitter post says:

The next game is named as “Assassin Cree Odyssey” and the video in the post shows a man kicks another one from a mountaintop and the guy who was being kicked fell down from a steep cliff which was then followed by the game  logo and “SEE YOU AT E3” which means more details about the game will be shown to us at E3 which is coming this month.

The only detail that is currently known about this game is that the plot is set in Ancient Greece. The information was first spotted by a French Video game site JeuxVideo-Live who posted a picture of a keychain which seems as a promoting of this anonymous Assassin Creed game and more over the site informed that this will be next in the continuing series and also its setup.

The E3 is just around the corner and yet we are getting continuous surprises from developers around
the world and it seems that we might see some more.



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