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Aura of Worlds is a game about a creative tactic rogue-lite platformer which allows gamers to explore multiple dangerous worlds where will need to utilize your creative abilities and wits to twist the environment to your advantage and find your way through ever-changing death labyrinths which is quite interesting as the game is not a static one and it keeps changing on its own.

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The new game developed by Cognitive Forge is set to be released for early access on Steam which is due on 24 Apr 2018. According to the developer, they’ve made some notable additions since the game was released on Itch. The Steam Early Access will be coming with three types of procedurally generated worlds made from eight environmental themes, as well as 70 different enemies and one of the most interesting features is the ability to grab and use virtually anything, if only as a heavy object to club enemies with.

Along with the new features, gamers will also have grappling hooks which can be considered as the most important object along with cloaking items, hackable turrets, portable light bridges, and almighty shields. And it might be possible that you will be able to use basic items multiple times without any issue. You can improvise many in-game objects in favour of you likely you can improvised flaming Molotov or make portable light source by grabbing a lantern. You as a player will need to outrun death walls or escape flooding passages and also might need to face off gargantuan bosses that are currently ruling the entire maze. It will be up to you whether you decide to play aggressively or passively.

The game will be open for Steam Early access and it will cost around $15 (currently $10 as updated by the game developers) after releasing officially. The price will gradually rise as new content is released.


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