Battlefield V coming October 19 confirmed at Official Reveal

A few moments earlier, EA removed the long awaiting suspense and revealed that continuation of Battlefield series next title Battlefield V will be releasing just a few days later than Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII which is on 19th of October and we were suspecting that this collision might happen. Watch all the action here:

As previously hinted, the upcoming title will be set out in World War II. There are lot more new features that will be coming with the new game. And as per the promise made by EA, they revealed a lot more details about the upcoming game in the long-running Battlefield series. Among the most surprising things we came to know is that EA won’t be offering a paid season pass for this game and instead of this they will be rolling out steady content updates on Steam.

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Another interesting thing revealed was that the game will have a character customization option for your crew to make your appearance real “BADASS”. Another new feature is going to be the new Multiplayer Mode: Grand Operations where players are offered objective oriented tusk to achieve and it will prevail for four days where you fight till “the last man standing”. More of this new will be revealed after 2 weeks. Along with this Co-op mode is back. To know more details you can watch the video below but make sure you skip to 55:14 mins.

Battlefield V launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin on October 1 and on the other hand COD: Black Ops IIII is hitting on October 12. It will be available in both standard and Deluxe editions and those who purchase the Delux Edition will be able to access the game three days early i.e. on October 16. October is really going to be an overhyped month for the gamers.



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