Benchmarks of Intel Core i7 8750H laptops leaked on Geekbench

Intel coffee lake
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There were several reports in the past few weeks about the new Coffee Lake processors and other chips that leaked on SiSoftware and now the Core i7 8750H’s performance has been leaked on Geekbench. There are three benchmarks from three different laptops having the same chip which show how good the 8750H can perform.

Two laptops that were benchmarked are from Quanta having almost all the specs same except the memory. One of them is having 8GB of RAM and the other one is having 16GB of RAM which is making the difference in overall performance. Both are named “Quanta NL5T” and share the same chip i7 8750H.

The one with 8GB Ram scored 4700 points in single-core performance while delivering 17504 points in multi-core performance. The one with the higher Ram scored 5008 points in single-core performance and 20715 points in multi-core performance. The HP Pavilion Laptop which is the third laptop benchmarked scored 4980 points in single-core performance and 19402 points in multi-core performance.

HP Pavilion laptop is also having 16GB of Ram and the performance of all the three laptops are very well above when compared to the previous generation. According to a report on Techspot, the Core i7-7700HQ which is a KabyLake processor scored 4109 points in single-core performance and 12898 points in multi-core performance. When we compared this to the i7 8750H, the latter surpasses easily but as the chip is having 2 more cores and 4 more threads, it was expected that it will perform better.

The i7 8750H is having a base clock of 2.2Ghz and a boost clock of 4.09Ghz along with 9MB of L3 cache memory which is higher than the previous generation Mobile Core i7’s.

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