Top 10 gaming mice of all kinds to buy in 2016

We all love building PC’s but a gamer who has a good pc should also have a good gaming mouse. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense on spending hundreds of dollars on your rig and then not able to play the games as you should. Therefore there are gaming mice available in the market for this purpose.

I myself used a simple dell mouse for gaming for a long time but didn’t thought of using a good dedicated mouse for gaming. I thought it’s useless, but as soon as I started using different mice, I can’t explain how my aim in FPS games have became accurate.

Not only fps games but mmo and RTS games too require a good command on buttons which you need to have in order to play and act as fast as you can. For all these types of games and different kinds of budgets I have brought you the list of top 10 gaming mice for every kind which are highly rated and have got plenty of positive reviews which will make your every penny count.


Havit HV-MS672 Ergonomic Mouse

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HAVIT HV-MS672 Ergonomic Wired Mouse

For those gamers who want to try a gaming mouse for first time. I recommend going with a cheap option instead of spending 50 or 60 dollars. It will give you an idea how a gaming mouse works. Otherwise after upgrading you won’t feel the difference. This mouse is one of the cheapest gaming mouse on the market with price less than $10. The mouse comes with 7 different coloured LED’s that glow in breathing style.

This mouse has 6 buttons including the left click, right click, scroll button, two buttons at left side and one button for DPI settings. DPI means Dots per Inch or you can say Pixels per Inch. The more the DPI the more the sensitive will be the mouse. The DPI settings of this mouse ranges from 800 DPI to 2400 DPI which is just fine for most of the gamers. I myself use 1600 or lower for Fps games.

This mouse has got more than 1500 positive reviews and a good 4.2 stars rating on an average on which made it one of the best cheapest selling gaming mouse in the market.




Dland Zelotes LED Optical Gaming Mouse

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Dland Zelotes LED Optical Gaming Mouse

MMO games are played all around the world with so much enthusiast as they require you to think and act as fast as possible. A single second miss may let you lose the whole game. This is where some gamers feel that they should have more buttons on their mice. And it’s true for many that a gaming mouse with a few more buttons help them act fast.

This mouse is very famous as it’s cheap and effective. It has a total of 12 buttons including the left, right, middle, DPI+,DPI-,Triple key and a separate 6 buttons at the left side which can be used instead of keyboard buttons. You can bind any key with them and have your actions faster. Maybe these are not so many buttons which you would want but for many gamers it’s not possible to cover and use all of the mouse buttons.

The buttons are numbered from 4 to 9 in clockwise with a small parabolic curve in between to clear the confusion and to avoid accidental clicks on wrong buttons. But somehow you need to practice with this mouse several hours to get used to it if you have never used a mouse like this.

The mouse also has weight adjustment system below it where you can adjust or remove the 23 grams of weight to make it light or heavier. If you have a medium to large hand then this is just for you. A combination of proper weight and grip will let you play easily without fatigue for a long time.

As for the LED glow, the colour changes in breathing effect. And for the DPI settings this mouse has 4 different resolutions that go upto 4000 DPI and upto 8000 DPI with the software which is damn amazing.



Razer Naga Chroma Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse

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Razer Naga Chroma Ergonomic MMO Gaming Mouse

This is one of the best mmo gaming mouse you will ever get in a marketplace. With 12 thumb buttons at the left solely to work as a keyboard in one hand is a great option to easily overwhelm in game with some practice. There are a total of 19 buttons out of which these 12 thumb grid buttons are totally mechanical which last more years than others.

The mouse itself looks a little bulky but has a simple elegant look that can be fit in any sized hande. As this is a totally right handed mouse, gamers will have no difficulty in controlling the mouse as the buttons are rightly placed and the right side of the mouse has an extended curve for better finger placement.

It has a total of 16.8 million colour option from which you can choose anyone that attracts you and illuminates the whole device including the scroll bar.

Also the DPI resolution goes upto a massive 16000 DPI which I think most of the gamers don’t use but still it’s a good option to create a big resolution range to taste all it can do.



Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

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reddragon gaming mouse

I am a big fan of fps games like counter strike go and battlefield 4. I spend more than 3 hours daily on counter strike alone and I know how important is to get a fps mouse for games like these. I have been using a simple DELL mouse for more than 2 years for fps games but finally switched to a Dragon war gaming mouse which is helping me a lot in accurate aim and flexible movements.

This one is the best and one of the cheapest fps gaming mouse you can get for just above 10 dollars. It has 6 buttons which include the left click, right click, middle click, 2 thumb buttons the the left and one DPI changer button. You don’t need too many buttons for playing simple games like CS GO and BF4. The only thing you need is a solid grip and smooth movement.

But sometimes the weight also matters. If you are not comfortable with heavy mice then you may reduce the weight of this mouse by removing one or more weight bits that weigh 2.4 grams each. The total number of bits contained in it are 8 which are accessible at the bottom.

The maximum resolution with this mouse is 2000 DPI and the wire is approx 6 ft long just as the other mice. But not to forget, at such a cheap price, this mouse has very good design with glowing RED LED’s. It has got more than 3000 reviews which are overwhelmingly positive. I cannot recommend a better fps mouse than this at this price.



Razer DeathAdder Chroma Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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Razer DeathAdder Chroma Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer is the best seller on for mac gaming mice and this one is considered as the best of best gaming mouse for fps games specially for games like counter strike go and battlefield. Because these games require a high accuracy and better recoil control, this gaming mouse is easy to handle than all others.

It has got about more than 1700 reviews on out of which mostly there are 5 star ratings and gives it an average of 4.5. It has a total of 5 buttons that are left click, right click, scroll button, thumb buttons at left side. As fps gamers don’t need a lot of buttons it’s perfect for those who accidently press buttons which cause discomfort in playing games.

The design is pretty much very simple and ergonomic. It fits in every type of hands and is good for mid sized palm. The mouse is equipped with a resolution of upto 10,000 DPI that makes it so fast that it can move around 200 inches in one second. But we don’t need that amount of DPI resolution, it’s waste. Other than this it has a very good feature that it tracks the Z axis also meaning that when you lift your mouse more than 1mm and move it in air for a moment the cursor won’t move to other place.

Gamers like me who play a lot of cs go use to lift it a lot of times, find it difficult not to move the cursor many times. So, if you want the best fps gaming mouse which is also sold by the best gaming mice seller, then you must get this as a replacement for your old mouse.

NOTE: This mouse is also present for the left handers.



Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

I generally don’t recommend wireless mice even if it does promise a lot. But this mouse really works what it promises. It’s an overall best wireless gaming mouse that suits a FPS gamer as well as a MMO Rpg gamer. It includes 11 buttons including 6 thumb buttons at the left side.

The mouse has a range of 250 DPI to 2500 DPI resolution which is what you just need. It has very high accuracy delta zero sensor that responds very fast. But the best feature of this mouse is of course it’s battery life. It uses 2 AA batteries that are included already with the mouse and are rechargeable many times. These two batteries can work upto 250 hours continuous gaming as stated by Logitech and customers also.

Wireless gaming mice are a good way of getting rid of long wires which sometimes become messy and put difficulties to pack mouse properly. They are best suited for Laptops especially when you go in a journey or someone’s house. Just charge your mouse once and forget it about a month.



Razer DeathAdder PC Gaming Mouse(Left handed)

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Razer DeathAdder PC Gaming Mouse - Ergonomic Left Hand Edition

Well, this is the first gaming grade mouse dedicated solely to left-handed professional gamers. It was conceived for the sole purpose because when it comes to it, you want to know you are perfectly equipped with precision and comfort. It’s 3500dpi Razer Precision & 3.5G Infrared Sensor will make your Arm feel with four times more precision than a standard 800dpi mouse. Clearly giving you the edge over the entire competition. Woahh! Isn’t it sounds great?

It’s another amazing feature is it’s 1000 Hz ultrapolling which makes instantaneous execution guaranteed with the Razer 1000 Hz. This ultrapolling technology gives you an unbelievable response time of 1 ms compared to that of 125 Hz/8ms found in conventional gaming mice. This is truly a state of the art mouse. Trust me!



Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse

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Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse

For gamers who want a mouse that can be used right handed and left handed this mouse is just perfect. The design of mouse is same from both the sides with two-two thumb buttons each side. Other than that it has regular left click, right click, scroll button and two buttons for DPI below the scroll that are used to change DPI. Well the resolution can be bumped upto a massive 82,00 DPI which I don’t think you will be able to use. Better let it be under 2000.

This mouse is very comfortable in every type of hands and whether you use a claw grip, full palm or tips of your fingers, you won’t find any problem in doing that.

When we see it’s design it completely looks normal with white colour. But it’s also present in different colours like black and battlefield 4 theme. White coloured mouse is expensive than the other two so if better go with either the black or BF4 theme if you don’t enjoy white looks.



Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse

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Mad Catz R.A.T.TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has both the quality. The quality to look better and unique, and the quality to perform well just as the other mice in this list. It’s well known for it’s design and light weight. On giving it a look it seems that it must be having so much of weight to handle properly but the case is just opposite. Some customers have given it a 2 star or 3 star because they thought it would be heavy but it was actually so light that it can move by the vibration of your speakers.

As this mouse has a design that extends to the left side, it gives better position to your thumb so as you can rest your  thumb comfortably. It has lesser buttons as compared to a simple MMO mouse so many people prefer it for games like CS GO. It’s light, comfortable, very responsive and has resolution ranging from 100 DPI to 82,00.

And similar to the Razer deathadder chroma mouse it also tracks the Z axis making it easy for you to lift the mouse without taking tension of cursor movement. A lot of gamers use it due to all these reasons and that’s why it has got an average of 4.3 star rating on



Road Mice Camaro Highway Patrol Wireless Optical Mouse

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Road Mice Camaro Highway Patrol Wireless Optical Mouse

Are you looking for a funny mouse that works as a mouse but looks like a car? Well then not only this but there are several funny car mice in the marketplace with different car designs. Along with a unique design these work flawless just as any other good branded mouse. If you want to gift someone a reliable and funny thing, then this is the product your loved ones will love.




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