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Gangster gamesEver felt like being a smooth criminal and ruling the underworld. Wearing fancy suits, beating up the people, waging wars against other families (gangs), loading the shotguns or killing dozens of people with tommy submachine gun. Well we can only dream of it. But you know I strongly feel that gamers can achieve whatever they dream of, because they are best thinkers. They are the best in imagining something, creating something. Yes, WE ARE GREAT!!!!!

Being a MAFIA Don is no more a dream for us. We can experience the best of 90’s MAFIA. Here are the best Mafia games or Gangster games of all time……

The Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily ply their trade in protection racketeering, mostly like the use of violent intimidation to manipulate local economic activities, or drug trafficking and fraud. Each group, known as a “family”, that claims sovereignty over an area, usually a neighborhood of a larger city, operates in rackets. The Omerta is a cultural expression and code of honor among the Mafia families that places legitimate importance on a family sense of a “code of silence.”

Many video games have been released based on the mafia or gangsters theme. Some gangster games are even set in recent times with settings as modern as the 80’s and the 90’s. These games give us a more realistic experience of the underworld happenings that were prevalent in mid-nineteenth century America, the weapons, cars and even scenarios that the player is presented with.

Also, these games focus on letting the player become part of the Mafia or similar crime organizations by progressing through missions, which enlists them from a Ground Soldier to become the Don of a family.

These crime-filled underground universes forces you to make good choices even as you play as the bad guys. The important thing in these games is that how beautifully they have managed to capture the entire nexus of organized crime and all the aspects surrounding it.

Organized crime has long been the object of fascination for those of us who live within the strict boundaries of the law. You don’t get more counterculture than the gangster; these guys know how to live, wearing fancy suits and driving fancy cars, and they don’t take any crap from anyone. Plus, there’s a visceral buzz from beating some no-good rat bloody.

If you’re in the mood for a blast of violent crime then check out this list of the best PC gangster games. These titles will let you indulge your nasty side and build a criminal empire.

SCARFACE: The World is Yours

Every movie loving fan will surely not forget Al Pacino’s Scarface. This movie tells the story of a Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino) who arrives in 1980’s Miami with nothing, and rises up to become a powerful drug kingpin. In the final scene of the movie, Montana is assassinated by Alejandro Sosa. Unlike the movie, this Scarface video game, begins from the film’s final scene, where Tony Montana’s mansion is attacked by assassins sent by Alejandro Sosa. Here, instead, Montana kills all the assassins and hides in his safe house outside Miami.

After three months, Tony returns to Miami and comes to know that his massive drug empire has been reduced to nothing. He starts from scratch and builds his own empire by taking revenge and finally after all the competitions are eliminated, the Montana Cartel becomes the most powerful drug cartel in Miami. Scarface: The World Is Yours embraces the open–world model, and thus, there’s plenty of things to do other than the story.

One of the most exciting aspects of this game is its Rage mode which lets you fight with a first-person perspective for a limited period with unlimited ammo and without taking any damage. Like all other gangster games on this list, The World is yours heavily borrows from the GTA formula. Miami serves as Tony’s playground, and there are scores of ways to bump your enemies, from running them over or gunning them down in style like only Tony can. Though it doesn’t offer much in the innovation department, its biggest draw is the charismatic Tony himself, and the opportunity to beat Sosa’s ugly mug to a pulp after all the hell he put our antihero through.

Some Screenshots-

Scarface 2
Scarface 1

The Godfather – The Game

This list of mafia games would be incomplete without the inclusion of The Godfather: The Game. This game was based upon the 1972 film of the same name, where Marlon Brando portrays the role of Vito Corleone and is the Godfather and Don of Corleone family.

The players take control of Aldo Trapani, whose father Johnny Trapani, member of Corleone family gets murdered by the orders of Don Barzini. The game was praised for its storyline which borders with the original movie. The game features some of the major events from the movie, where the player, witnesses Luca Brasi’s murder, kills Luca’s assassin, plants the gun for Michael Corleone to kill Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey, helps Rocco Lampone put the horse’s head in Jack Woltz’s bed, guards Don Corleone at the hospital, witnesses the death of Sonny Corleone, kills Sonny’s assassins, appears at the meeting of the Five Families and kills the Dons of the four other families during the baptism scene.

There are five mafia families in the game: The Corleones, The Barzinis, The Tattaglias, The Cuenos and The Stracci.
If the fantastic recreation of 1930s New York isn’t enough to grab your eyes, this game even kicks in sandbox elements that keep you busy with tasks such as carrying out business extortions, controlling warehouses, undertaking contract hits and fighting mob wars.

It has you take control of Aldo Trapani, who’s working for the Corleone family in a story which lets you interact with most of the popular characters from the original film. What’s more is that some of them even have the actual actors lending their voices to their in-game personas.

There are two storylines; the first based on the film, and the second focusing on new character Aldo Trapani, who is recruited by Don Corleone. As Trapani rises up the ranks of the organization, he’ll find that there are plenty of businesses to extort, properties to control, big shots to whack, coppers to evade, and goons to decorate with bullet holes.

Most importantly, he’ll have to off four rival families to become the big, bad Don of New York. The thrilling combat makes up for a couple of repetitive and boring environments. Several of the movie’s actors also reprise their roles in the game, making it the ultimate Godfather experience.

Some Screenshots-

The godfather I
The godfather

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

The game’s realistic depiction of the mob business during the 1930’s was well praised among the fans. The game allows the player to take on the role of a Mafioso who has to accomplish various missions in order to advance in the game.

The game is set in the 1930’s, between the fall of 1930 through to the end of 1938 in the fictional American city of Lost Heaven. Thomas Angelo, a former taxi driver, becomes a soldato in Don Salieri’s family and begins to rise through the ranks of the Salieri ‘family’. The game starts with Tommy sitting in a cafe with a detective, relating his life story and giving out important pieces of information at the same time about the families.

Tommy asks the detective to be given witness-protection, and to aid the detective in the destruction of the Salieri crime family. Its realistic depiction of the mob business during the 1930’s doesn’t take much time to engage you in its spectacular story. It contains a large sprawling open world environment and has thrilling and adventurous missions spread across it.

I didn’t have much fun playing mafia, though it had a pretty good story line because, the game has too many realistic elements. A player should obey traffic rules, the cars are slow and we should maintain the speed limit or else we will be fined. These kinda things generally reduce the pace of the game.

Some Screenshots-

Mafia 1
Mafia 2
Mafia 3
Mafia 4

The Godfather II

The Godfather II is widely recognized as the best gangster film of all time. The PC game version just falls short of doing that honor real justice. Set in the 1950’s, you assume control of Dominic, who, under orders from Michael Corleone, has to take control of rival crime families and the businesses they own. And you must do all this while running your own mafia family. No pressure!

The meat of the gameplay involves peppering enemy thugs with bullets and driving around the massive, open world in sexy cars. Players also get to travel abroad and even expand their influence to Cuba. While the game uses the events of the second movie as its backdrop, purists will likely be upset by the liberties it takes with film canon. Still, The Godfather II perfectly captures the 50s mobster vibe of the movie. This game is an excellent blend of strategy and third-person action gameplay.

Times have changed, and players must now face international families instead of homegrown ones. They must embark upon a quest to become the most powerful Don in America and Cuba by taking control of various businesses and crime rings in the two countries.

The players take the role of Dominic, the Underboss of Aldo Trapani, who is killed by a sniper upon reaching the airport in Cuba. Michael Corleone appoints Dominic as the new Don of New York to keep the city under the Corleone Family’s control.

The game takes place in three different places, New York, Florida and Cuba. There are four mafia families in the game: The Corleones, The Manganos, The Almeidas and The Granados. Dominic, as Don of his own family, recruits various players with their respective skills to be his soldiers and with their help takes back the rackets in different cities.

Some Screenshots-

The Godfather II 1
The Godfather II 2
The Godfather II 3
The Godfather II

Mafia II

The most recently released among all these games, this intriguing title crafted by 2K Czech is a grand saga in itself in spite of its average length. Its open world gameplay is something that’s quite impossible not to fall in love with for those who fancy such titles.

Another game thick with an authentic ’40s gangster feel, Mafia II is about Vito Scaletta, who enters a life of crime in the hopes of paying off his deceased father’s debt. Thanks to a soundtrack comprised of classics, top-notch voice acting, impressive combat, and a level of violence only associated with organized crime, Mafia II made a splash back in 2010.

Mafia II, which is the direct sequel to 2002’s hit game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Mafia II is set in the 1940s – early 1950s era of Empire Bay, a fictional city based on New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Detroit. The story follows a gangster and his efforts to climb through the ranks of the Mafia families.

With spectacular voice-acting and old school music, the game easily captures the spirit of the 1940s. Its story revolves around Vito and his childhood buddy Joe, who decide to enter the world of organized crime in order to make it big in the business. The players take control of Vito Scaletta, a war veteran who becomes caught up with the Mafia when trying to pay back his father’s debts.

Mafia II received positive reviews from critics everywhere, with praise directed at the story, the characters and the graphics. The cut scenes in the game are created by the game engine in real-time. For instance, if the player is riding in a car and a cut scene starts, the player will be driving the same car with the same condition and will be wearing the same clothes.

The game features three different in-game radio stations (Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and Delta Radio) with licensed music, news, and commercials. Also, there are nearly 30 to 40 vehicles in the game as well as licensed music from the early 40’s and 50’s era.

Some Screenshots-

Mafia II
Mafia II 1

Mafia II 4
Mafia II 3
Mafia II 2

If you’re a fan of such titles make sure to check out all of the above to treat yourselves with the ultimate gangster experience.

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