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Best graphics cards for under $500

Graphics cards which can max out each and every detail of a game cannot be bought for $100 or $200. Today’s games are the most power thirsty games that want more core clock, more memory and more bandwidth. Therefore I have made this list for the best graphics cards that can max out each and every single game that is present and that is going to release in a few months.

These graphics cards a very good solution for future-proofing your system as they have the power to crush every game that you throw at them. You are also able to upgrade your system with these graphics cards as they allow you to combine two or more similar ones.

These graphics cards are only for enthusiasts who want to play games at 1080p/1440p or even at 4k ultra settings. But these graphics cards will never run at their full potential on a budget gaming CPU. If you use a core i5 or core i7 then these are the best choices for your build. Have a look at the best graphics cards that come under 500 dollars price tag.

Asus Radeon RX 580 8gb gddr5

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ASUS Radeon RX 580 8GB

AMD released the new version of RX 480 and it’s promised to be the best budget high end card that will allow you to play all the games at 1080p maxed out and also at 1440p. This card is first on the list as it’s price is only under $250 and has 8gb of gddr5 memory. There is another version of this card with 4gb of VRAM which will perform a little slower.

This card is already VR ready and you don’t have to spend 500 dollars on an expensive card. It features polaris architecture which is based on 14nm technology and reduces power consumption a lot. Previously released R9 300 series graphics cards consume a lot of power and therefore many people preferred to choose their Nvidia’s counterpart instead. But this is the beast at affordable budget.

It only requires one 6 pin power connector and is powerful than a Gtx 970 and R9 390. It’s from Asus and has two fan with a big heatsink that will keep the temperature down while overclocking. If you put two of these in CrossfireX then not even gtx 1080 can beat them. But I don’t recommend doing multi-graphics card setup and it’s best for the one who wants to play at 1080p 60+fps.


Specs and Features:-

  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • DirectX 12 optimized
  • 2x Display port 1.4 (DisplayPort 1.2 certified, DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 ready) and 2x HDMI, 1x DVI port
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5
  • VR ready
  • Polaris architecture

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8gb gddr5

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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB

Perhaps the fastest graphics card for under $400 is gtx 1070. It’s the one of the latest release from Nvidia’s side in the gtx 1000 series. It has already beaten gtx 980, gtx 980 ti and even gtx titan X(Maxwell) in a few games proving it to be the “Titan X” at the price of gtx 980. It features 8gb of ddr5 memory with a core clock of 1566Mhz and a boost clock of 1746Mhz.

These clocks are massive and the card is itself massively overclockable. It is even increased in memory clock as high as 8008Mhz rather than the 6000/7000Mhz of previous generation cards. For enthusiast gamers, this is the one card that is need to be bought if they want a high end gaming pc for $1300-$1500 only delivering awesome performance at 1440p and on 4k.

You will be able to play every game maxed out even on 4k but for smoother experience 1440p is the most ideal resolution for this card as tested but on 4k, games still run on more than 40 fps constantly on ultra settings like DOOM, Rise of the tomb radier and GTA V with a little bit dip to 30’s on graphical intensive areas.


  • Base Clock: 1582Mhz/ Boost Clock: 1771Mhz
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5
  • Memory Interface: 256-bit
  • Two-way SLI supported
  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Cuda cores: 1920
  • DirectX: 12
  • Maximum displays supported: 4

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW 8gb Gddr5X

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW 8gb Gddr5X

The second fastest graphics card on the planet is right now the mighty gtx 1080. With Pascal architecture and Gddr5X memory, this one is the only card using the fastest type of Vram. With 8gb of memory it can max out any game at 4k and can play any game buttery smooth.

After the release of gtx 1080 ti, the price of this card came down from $700 to around $500. The prices are way down right now as compared to few months before. Now talking about it’s specs the core clock of this card is 1721Mhz and boost clock is 1860Mhz which is greater than that of gtx 1070. With newer technology it’s faster, more power efficient and cheaper. This card is the dream for many and has a reasonable price to be compared to higher end cards like gtx 1070.

With easily beating gtx Titan X(Previous Pascal) with a lot cheaper price, there is no reason to buy the Titan X now for a $1000. This card is best for building a high end rig costing $1500 and above. Similar to the gtx 1070, it too supports two way SLI. It beats the Titan X and gives a tough competition to the dual Gtx 980’s although it doesn’t beats dual gtx 980’s as claimed by Nvidia. But still this is enough for a single GPU to do for $500.


  • Base Clock: 1721Mhz / Boost Clock: 1860Mhz
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5X
  • Memory Interface: 256-bit
  • Two way SLI supported
  • Power consumption: 180W
  • Cuda cores: 2560
  • DirectX: 12
  • Maximum displays supported: 4
Today's best price- XFX RX 580 GTS 8GB For $184.99


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