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Best Graphics cards for under $200

Graphics card is definitely the most important component when you want to play the games on high or ultra settings. With a powerful CPU only you cannot expect to play at 60fps maxed out but if you are willing to pay $100-$200 for a decent graphics cards like listed below, then you are most likely to end up at least 2 years playing on at least high settings.

Some graphics cards for under $200 can max out almost any game at 1080p and this is also the sweet spot for many gamers. These graphics cards are mid-ranged cards which are meant for 1080p 60fps or at least 40+ fps when you bump the settings to ultra.

For a build that comes under $500 or $600, these graphics cards are the best choice and are best matched with Intel Core i5 processors or AMD Ryzen processors. Many of these graphics cards are newly released and are fully DirectX 12 compatible so you won’t be regretting your choice if you buy any one of the listed below.

Note:- Currently only one graphics card is available under $200 right now. The list included GTX 1050 previously but it can now be bought for under $150

GPU LIST (Prices as on 11th Sept 2018)

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EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 ti SC 4Gb

EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 ti SC 4Gb

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC

When you want to play the games at 1080p ultra settings, you can not compromise with the VRAM. It’s a fact that all the latest games like GTA V, the Witcher 3, Rise of the tomb raider etc. use more VRAM than simple games like CSGO or Overwatch. It makes more sense to go with a 4gb card if you don’t want to compromise with the graphics quality.

The GTX 1050 ti is the successor of GTX 1050 and is 20% faster. This card is based on the Pascal architecture on which the GTX 1000 series cards are based which is very much power efficient and this card similar to the GTX 1050 doesn’t require a 6 pin or 8 pin power connector. It’s a very good card for the price you pay as it’s an intermediate between GTX 1050 and Rx 470. Although Rx 470 is much faster I feel that Nvidia has filled in the gap between the $110 and $170 price range by introducing a $130 card.

The EVGA SC edition is completely identical to the EVGA GTX 1050 and can be fit into any case. So for compact gaming PC’s these two are very good choices and will be best for budget gaming builds with a small mini-ITX case. As this is factory overclocked, you will get a small boost in performance as compared to the other brands like Zotac.


Memory 4gb Gddr5
Memory Interface 128-bit
Core Clock 1354MHz/1468MHz boost clock
Cuda Cores 768
Architecture Pascal
DirectX 12
Outputs 1xHDMI
1xDisplay Port


Today's best price- ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti MINI For $399.99


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