Bethesda unveils Fallout 76 and more details expected at E3

Fallout 76

Recently Bethesda was spotted teasing a trailer which was supposed to be related with upcoming Fallout title and now we came to know that they had finally revealed the much-awaited game Fallout 76. Earlier yesterday a tweet was posted on behalf of Bethesda Studios which comes with an image that says “Please Standby” which is provided below:-

And now a day later we came to experience the first teaser from Bethesda which is just a glimpse of something big which is on its way and is going to be fully revealed at E3 this June. It will be the newest game to be added to the Fallout series after the last title was released back in 2015 which was Fallout 4 and recently there were rumours  everywhere about the next Fallout title being in development to which Bethesda didn’t reveal anything until May 29 and day later the new game named as “Fallout 76” has been finally revealed.

We can see the teaser starting from a chattering of a radio and ends up displaying someone wearing a jersey alike dress which has an imprint of 76. This is all that has been released and more we will be seeing at E3. The Twitter post provided below:-



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