BioStar releases a bunch of budget friendly NVMe SSD’s which is ideal for gamers

Speed and accuracy are the key aspects of modern day technologies and clearly, the introduction of NVMe’s has made that achievement possible. Many manufacturers are now involved in launching new NVMe solid state drives and PC enthusiast or gamers are going forward with those drives as they are super fast in terms of read/write speed. However, these drives are not at all budget friendly and the best in class i.e. Samsung 960 EVO cost around $450 with a discount in the MRP.

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However, this might get changed soon as recently Bio-Star is going to release its very first NVMe SSD’s and they are going to be most budget-friendly NVMe’s till date. But it won’t be equal in term of performance in read/write sector with that of the Samsung 960 EVO. Biostar’s M500 series NVMe SSD’s will be coming in M.2 format and will use 3D TLC NAND flash memory chips and offers four variant with a change in read/write speed. The variants are as follows:

> M500 1TB: Offers read speed of 1,700 Mbps and write speed of 1,100 Mbps

> M500 512 GB: Offers read speed of 1,700 Mbps and write speed of 1,100 Mbps

> M500 250 GB: Offers read speed of 1,600 Mbps and write speed of 1,100 Mbps

> M500 128 GB: Offers read speed of 1,500 Mbps and write speed of 1,100 Mbps

Biostar NVME SSD 1
Image Credit:- guru3d.com

After having a look at its read/write speed it can be definitely said that its no match for the Samsung counterpart which comes with a read speed of 3,200 Mbps and a write speed of 1,900 Mbps but the main fact that will play a huge role, in this case, will be the price factor as the product from Bio-Star is really cheap as the 1TB variant cost around $269, the 500 GB cost around $149, the 256 GB cost $99 and the lowest one i.e. the 128 GB cost around a mere $59.

In terms of Aesthetics, the M500 is one step ahead of that Samsung 960 EVO as it comes with a diamond-shaped heatsink which gives it a rugged gaming look and these drives also have data activity and temperature LED indicators. However, no official information about its release date is currently available.

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