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Beginning on a positive note, Microsoft has started a new Game pass service which offers over 100 games at a very prudent cost of $10 per month, though, don’t fulfil the expectations but much of them are pretty exceptional. In the wake of the announcement, Microsoft will be making new first-party releases being available on service level as well benefiting the overall collection package at a massive discount. Since new games usually run at $60 implying that two releases could tentatively pay for a year’s worth of subscription. This could be the real game changer in terms of the services.

The resolution would be to bring these to PC. Microsoft has made a lot of efforts to blur the line between Xbox and PC. That gives an opportunity to the people to play the same game on both PC and Xbox, which could bring the incorporated features from Xbox to PC and that means both Game Pass and, ideally, backward compatibility for both Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. Considering the most effective step towards implementation of this logical step, the company will be hugely satisfied with the upcoming time events.

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The company’s projection is certainly going to bring Game pass to PC which could work as an incentive for PC gamers to use Microsoft services as well as may pick up an Xbox. This project as soon as gets on the floors is going to be really exciting and will be an icing on the cake.


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