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Not very long ago, Overwatch event named Retribution was launched and sooner than anyone was able to anticipate someone was able to exploit a glitch or bug that is present in the Retribution and was able to make use of a special event character in the competitive gameplay which is never meant to happen.

Like Counter Strike Global Offensive special ops, Retribution is a current limited-time event, which also adds a whole lot of new AI-controlled enemies that include the Assassin, Snipe, and Heavy Assault. And these new enemies are meant to be restricted to the new arcade mode specifically, but some players have found a way or rather say have exploited a bug which allows them to bring those special characters into competitive multiplayer which currently ruining gameplay of many gamers.

According to a Reddit post where a Redditor has sum up certain events where they have encountered these exploits and was able to get some visible proofs and thanks to him this evidences now can be used by the devs which might help them to patch the glitch so that a fair gameplay is maintained. Here are the snap and a video posted by the redditor initially.

Image Source:-

And here is the video:

Both the snap and the video appear from the Korean version of Overwatch, however, the main concern about this glitch or hack is that it is definitely responsible for this outcome and this might not be limited to just Retribution. And the use of this kind of glitch or bugs is indeed can be considered as an obvious problem for Blizzard itself and as well as for its players also and the main reason is that the Heavy Assault unit responsible for dealing some serious damage and moreover it has a massive pool of hit points for bringing it down and to make it short, precise and easy to understand it has got huge offensive as well as defensive capability. Blizzard was definitely prompt in response to these kinds of issues and according to the latest report from Polygon they have also released a hotfix to address the issue.



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