Build the best $1000 gaming pc in 2017

Not for casual gaming

This PC is only meant for gaming at, at least 1080p ultra settings. This is the beast you will require if you want your rig to last at least 2-3 years playing any game at 1080p/1440p ultra settings. If you are an enthusiast and want to max out everything at 1080p and at 1440p, this is the gaming PC you should consider. As my other gaming PC’s that costed under 1000 dollars, i.e., $500 gaming PC, $600 gaming PC etc. they were not meant for maxing out latest games.

But you may be in search of the best gaming PC that can do this without spending a lot of money. As this build uses some of the highest quality and best performing components, you will be going to enjoy the games as never before. I have named this PC “THE HITMAN“.

Not only this gaming PC performs best at its price but also be future proof as it uses latest seventh generation Intel processor and ddr4 memories. To know more in detail continue to read the whole article and get what you want.

If you don’t know how to build a gaming PC or need a complete guide for building it from scratch, then you can grab my guide HERE.


Intel Core i5 7600K

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Intel core i5 7600K

This is the Kabylake processor from Intel released last year which I also used in my $750 gaming build. The prices of i5 6600K and i5 7600K are similar and both of them are compatible with the Z170 and Z270 motherboards. You might or might not know how this processor performs, so I am going to explain it how much performance lead you will get by using i5 7600K over i5 6600K.

Seeing the benchmarks of these two processors on different tech channels and trusted sites, the i5 7600K is almost equal to the i5 6600K, especially in gaming. If the CPU applications are taken into consideration, you will have around 5-10% boost in performance but if you see the gaming benchmarks, then you will have no impact whatsoever in any game. You may or may not get a small boost in some games but as the price of this processor is equivalent to i5 7600K, it’s better to use a newer technology based processor.

However, for those who already have the Skylake i5 6600K, I will never ever recommend upgrading because it’s a waste of money. But for those who want to build a brand new gaming PC, then i5 7600K is the way to go as it’s base clock and boost clock are higher than the i5 6600K sitting at 3.8Ghz and 4.2Ghz respectively. So, “You” will get a small boost as there is an increase in 300Mhz clock speed but as the lithography and the TDP are exactly same, the boost is very small.

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Cpu Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

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Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

As usual, gamers with an unlocked processor will overclock the CPU anyways. As the processor we chose is highly overclockable and the fact that the i5 7600K doesn’t come with a stock cooler, it’s compulsory that you buy a better aftermarket cooler like Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It has thousands of positive reviews. It is cheap and has a large heat sink for better absorption of heat.

You can even install another fan on the second side for two fans to work as intake and exhaust simultaneously or you can change the stock fan to a better LED lit fan. This one only costs $30 and will provide better cooling at higher temperatures as compared to the stock fan. Or for more stable temperatures you can get Corsair H60 which will help you achieve more core clock.




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This is not the best motherboard with Z270 chipset but surely it’s perfect for this build as it costs a little above $100 and will help us utilise our processor fully. I choose every component that should be compatible with each other and you can use them to full potential. MSI is one of the best motherboard providers as their motherboards offer more at cheap prices and therefore this one is very much fit for the build we want to make.

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This motherboard has two PCI-e X 16 slots for graphics cards that support up to 2 way AMD CrossFireX but doesn’t support Nvidia SLI. But at this price, there are a lot of H270 chipset motherboards also that doesn’t provide good features like this one. Along with a good support of graphics cards it also supports highly overclockable memories that are able to be overclocked up to 3866Mhz which is seriously very fast.

This board surely looks fantastic with Red and black colour accents and with the steel armour on the PCI-E X 16 slot, you can install a heavy graphics card on it without having the fear of ripping of PCI slot. There are also 6xSATA 3 ports out of which 4 are aligned in the direction of the board and 2 are perpendicular to make the connection to Hard drives or SSD’s easy.

For cooling it has a total of 6 4 pin headers including the CPU fan which will allow you to water cool your PC as well as install several custom fans in your case. So, you will be getting the best possible features at a cheap price.

Specs and Features:-

  • LGA1151, Supports 7th Generation Intel Core i7/ i5/ i3/ Pentium/ Celeron Processors
  • Chipset: Intel Z270 Express
  • Slots: 2x PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Slots (one runs at x4 mode), 4x PCI-Express 3.0 x1 Slots
  • Multi-Graphics: Supports AMD 2-Way CrossFireX Technology
  • SATA: 6x SATA3 Ports, Support RAID 0, 1, 5, 10; 2x SATA Express Ports (PCI-Express 3.0 x2)
  • Supports DDR4-3866+(OC) Memory



Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2400

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 Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2400

For memory, all you need is an 8gb ddr4 ram stick. Ballistix Sport memories are very famous just like corsair vengeance or G.skill Ripjaws. This ram module costs $60. The other memory modules from other brands are expensive right now, therefore it’s better to stick with the cheapest we can get. This one is clocked at 2400Mhz and it’s very fast for gaming. Now the heat spreader on this ram module is grey in colour which will be visible easily on our motherboard and will create a very attractive look overall.

The motherboard we used supports memories clocked up to 3866Mhz but you cannot get that much highly overclockable memory for a cheap price. You will still get reasonable and good performance with 2400Mhz clocked ram and the difference will be minimal. With one stick installed you still have 3 more DIMM slots left which you can use for increasing the ram capacity to 16gb or even 32gb if you want to.


Graphics card

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8gb 

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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 gaming

Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming edition is one of the cheapest GTX 1070’s available right now and performs the best of all. It has a very good heatsink with silver/dark grey accents on the cooler. This card is the factory overclocked and therefore comes with higher base/boost clock which means you can have a good amount of boost in gaming too. You can overclock this for even more performance and when you do it along with overclocking your processor then you will observe a noticeable increase in fps.

Gtx 1070 is the best card for 1440p and can max out any game at this resolution. For 1080p it’s an overkill and therefore is best utilised on 1440p. It will help you achieve more than 60fps on any condition on this resolution and can possibly play any game at 4K on high settings with 40-60 fps easily. It has 8gb of gddr5 memory which is enough for maxing out textures, resolution, anti-aliasing etc. For $400 it gives the performance of Titan X Maxwell which costs $1000.

The best thing about this card is that it’s very power efficient requiring only 150 watts of power. So you can use it on 500 watts of power supply easily. The card has a single 8 pin power port and for display, it has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 3 Display ports. I bet you will get in love with this card.


Hard drive

WD Blue 1TB

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WD Blue 1TB Desktop

For storing your games 1tb of the hard drive from WD is quite good and will be enough. It has 7200rpm speed and you will get 2 years of warranty. Now, games are becoming huge and huge, you may get a need of upgrading to 2tb or more in the future but for now, this is enough even for storing your setup and installed files altogether. For more storage, you can always add more hard drives to your system as the motherboard supports several storage devices at the same time.


Power supply

EVGA 650 Watts GQ 80+ GOLD

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For the power supply, EVGA is one of the best PSU manufacturers and provides them at a cheaper price as compared to other brands. The power supply has 650 watts maximum capacity which will be enough for all of our components and there will be still room for further upgrades like Custom fans, radiators or Storage devices. This is not a regular 80+ power supply, it’s 80+ Gold GQ edition which has highest quality Japanese capacitors which will ensure proper and reliable operation.

As it is an 80+ Gold power supply, you will at least get 90% of power efficiency at 100% load and a maximum of 92% efficiency on typical loads. The more the efficiency the more is the power available to the components and the lower will be the heat generated. This power supply is also CrossfireX and SLI ready. Right now we are not combining two graphics card and it will be good enough for a single one. You will also get 5 years of warranty from EVGA and a good customer service.



Phanteks Eclipse Series P400

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Phanteks Eclipse Series P400

For components like ATX motherboard, Custom CPU cooler and a high-end graphics card, you will need at least a mid tower. This one is from Phanteks and has got hundreds of positive reviews. This case looks very decent and stylish with the simple design it has. The case is available in three colours: – Grey, White and Satin Black. So you can choose anyone if you have different taste to colours.

This case supports full ATX motherboards and full-length graphics cards like that we have used in this build, the Gigabyte GTX 1070 which is triple fan card. The case has rubber grommets on cable routeing holes which will help you in neat and clean cable management. The side panel has a clear window through which you can see your components inside and of course, this is 2017, there is no PC build without a PC case which has a transparent window.

It comes with 2x 120mm fans pre-installed- one at the rear and one at the front. But you can always increase the front intake fans to 3 and can install a 240mm radiator at the front or at the top. So, it will be a good upgradable case for you in case you swap out some components in the future.


TOTAL~$1035(Prices Fluctuate)


Windows 10(Recommended)

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Microsoft Windows 10

Getting OS is also important especially if you are spending a lot of money in your system, you should consider OS also. As the Sixth/seventh gen Intel processors are made 100% compatible with Windows 10, this build will be going to benefit you only on this windows version. So, better get it.



I am an engineer and a certified Hitech computer technician who loves to play CSGO. But this is not what else I love. I love to dive into the computer hardware and same goes for you. That’s why you are here! AND YES IGNORE MY BAD ENGLISH:)

  • Maverick Berdos (Rick)

    After reviewing all of your builds, I decided to build my own 900$-1000$

    i5 6600 Skylake
    Gigabyte B150M-HD3
    Sapphire NITRO R9 380 4GB 256bit
    Hyper X 8GB 2400
    Corsair RM650 80+ Gold
    WD Blue 1TB

    Thanks a lot! Cheers! 😉

    • Nice. You can get a R9 390 for this budget easily.

      • Maverick Berdos (Rick)

        R9 390 here in PH is expensive!
        I’m not a hard core gamer. What do you think of my build?

    • Vamsi K

      As mentioned in the article . Does Lock /Unlock of motherboard possible ? Gigabyte B150M-HD3 is Locked or Unlocked ? How do I know that ? If OEM locked then is it possible to unlock on our own ?

  • BoxSAVA

    I’m having trouble finding the MSI Amd R9 390 8gb graphics card for this build. Are there any other graphics cards like this one (for about the same price) that would be compatible with every other part here?

  • Elvichu (Spughatti)

    Will this run Overwatch on Ultra?