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Bustories is a game developed by infamous game developer Nikita P was released on steam six days ago. The game is a small visual novel about bus trips and conversation with different companions, whom you see for the first and last time in your life. It was his year-long labour and he had hoped to make some money from it also but due to a problem in Steam itself, the game can’t be bought and the problem is no entangled with a single person, it was with the entire community.

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Bustories had officially released on Steam on April 13. But until a few hours ago there was no visible price listing or add to cart button on Steam store page. From a developers point of view, it is just a similar situation to that of a terrible nightmare because when a developer hopes to take advantage of a game’s small window in the spotlight of Steam’s new releases section and due to Steam’s own issue the game even can’t be bought by anyone and might lose the key moment which might be required in case of new releases.

The game can now be bought and Steam is treating it as a newly launched game giving it a second life to live. If you want to check the game out make sure to visit Steam Store Page and you might also give it a try as the game cost not much and is currently available with a discount of 10% also making it even cheaper.


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