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Call of Juarez: The Cartel and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was delisted from Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live a few days back and no one has the clue enough about what has caused the removal of those two games as there was no word from developer Techland or publisher Ubisoft regarding the matter, however, both of them can be purchased via third party site such as Amazon. It was first spotted in a twitter post of a guy named Wario64.

The first title in the Call of Juarez known as The Cartel which can be dated back to 2011 and it failed to gain any steam in the gaming community. The next title to the series was released back in 2013 which was named as Gunslinger and this title became widely popular among gamers.

After speculation over some time about the possible reason for listing these two game down, Ubisoft officially announced the reason behind this. Ubisoft has released a statement which explains why the series Call of Juarez games have been delisted from several online storefronts about two weeks after it was noticed by fans all around the world. According to the company’s PR department, the delisting occurred as the licensing and publishing rights to some of the games have been handed back to developer Techland and the series of Call of Juarez are among those games. Thereby it is now pretty much uncertain if Techland plans to bring them back in near future? The question remains same without any clue about the returning of them.

If you already have Call of Juarez The Cartel and Gunslinger then you don’t need to worry about anything that is presently going on as you can still play them as per your wish. As per new gamers if you want to get hands on these two titles then you can get them on Amazon.



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