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All In One water coolers are becoming popular day by day because of hassle free installation and low or you can say no maintenance. Tough a lot of people still think that real enthusiasts use custom water cooling loops with crazy tubing and glowing colours. They want to know How To Make A Cheap Water-cooling Loop. So in this guide I will go over all the parts and will tell you which parts to choose over other.

Before we begin let me tell you the total cost of this Water-cooling loop was under 70$.

So let’s begin,

1) Cpu Block – 11$

CPU block

We will be using this CPU block which can be found on, as this has a copper base plate and its better than all other generic CPU BLOCKS, that you can find on amazon and eBay, because this has a copper base which dissipates heat effectively compared to aluminium blocks. Also this comes with mounting screws and bracket for intel and amd both. We can also see the liquid move inside because of the transparent plexi glass top. The Inner and Outer Diameter of the connector is 8mm and 10mm respectively that means we will be needing a compression fitting of G1 /4 D so lets hop on to eBay real quick.

2) Fittings – 12$

Fitting nuts

We will be choosing compression fittings because we are going to use soft tubing so it fits well with out needs. We will be needing 6 fittings in total. 2 for the CPU BLOCK, 2 for the radiator, 2 for the pump and reservoir combo. So these are 4$ for a pack of 2 with ID of 8mm and OD support upto of 12mm and it goes perfectly with our CPU block and other parts that we choose. It’s right now available on

These are chrome in colour and made out of aluminium. This will give our loop and bling look that looks pretty cool.

3) Radiator – 15$


Next we will choose our radiator. I liked this 240mm radiator on and chose it for this water cooling loop. I picked this 240mm radiator in place of a 140mm radiator because of extra cooling.

capabilities because we will overclock our system that runs on a i7 4770k. This doesn’t come with any fans but we can’t complain for the price. The build quality is good as it has aluminium tubing inside the radiator and this should work for at least 2 years without any problem.

The OD fits well and can be connected perfectly with the fittings we picked. We will throw some Corsair Sp 120mm fans on this to make it more effective in cooling. This also comes with mounting screws and also shock absorbing pads for the screws so that it doesn’t vibrate when the fans are running at high rpm.

4) Pump + Reservoir Combo – 15$


Again I picked a product from because of the price. I really liked it and wanted to grab ASAP. Usually a pump + reservoir combo is costly but this is a Chinese product so the cost can be justified. Again the connector tread is G1/4 D so this matches well with rest of our products. It has a 4 pin power connection that plugs into a normal 4 pin molex connector.

The product itself is made out of plexi glass and also comes with mounting solutions for the reservoir. So this is great bang for your buck. I went over this instead of a separate pump and reservoir because of the price. You can find a pump cheaper separately and use a pickle jar as a reservoir but that cheap pump may give up on you and you will not be able to do anything because it is generic. Also mounting a pickle jar inside a case is a very irritating and their is a lot of risk that comes in with cheap home made ways so we are better of with the pump + reservoir combo.

5) Tubing- 8$ for 12 Feet

 Water cooling tubes

I am going for so much tubing because we may need some more tubing in case of leakage or damage. On eBay you may get cheaper price in your area. But for me this was cheapest and also the seller is trusted so this is the best product you can get for the price. It is transparent so we can see the fluid in works.

For fluid we will use good old distilled water or if you have anti freeze laying around you can use that.

Now how to get that glowing neon colour? That you see in popular youtube videos without paying a load of money? I will teach you that as well. I bet you have neon green highlighter laying around. If you don’t buy some. You can get 6-7 for 1$ open them and cut out the cotton refill and dip it in distilled water in a bowl. You will now have glowing liquid to go in the loop without buying any kind of UV DYE. If you want any other colour you can use any colour highlighter like pink/orange whatever your heart desires.

Connecting all the tubes

  1. Fit the CPU block with the included screws and bracket. Use thermal paste like Arctic Silver 5 or Cooler Master Value v1. Then use 1 pair compression fittings, rotate it to tighten properly on both the connectors.
  2. After that place the reservoir with the included stand and screws. Then fit the radiator in place, In our case we will use a push-pull configuration. So, it will be good if you use the radiator at the front.
  3. Then search for the out marking on the pump connection for the compression fittings and measure a tube from their to the CPU block. Then connect another tube from the CPU block to the radiator and then from the other end of the radiator back to the pump in.
  4. Now its time to fill in the loop so place a funnel on the top of the radiator after opening it then pour in the liquid that we made earlier or any other liquid of your choice that works.
  5. Start the pump couple of times in between of filling to fill in the loop properly. After this is done throw some cheap LEDs and voila their you have a sick looking custom overclocked PC.

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and comment down below if you have any questions. Thanks for reading and peace.



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