CoolerMaster Cosmos C700M will be available for purchase on 8th Oct 2018

CoolerMaster Cosmos C700M

CoolerMaster which is a big name in the computer hardware industry has launched another case in the “Cosmos” lineup with the new successor- Cosmos C700M. The new chassis is a full tower that is designed to compete with other cases by implementing great aesthetics and components installation technique.

Cosmos C700M is a huge full tower case with a curved tempered glass side panel that is tinted lesser than the original C700P which has a non-curved tempered glass side panel. From inside, it looks identical to the C700P but with some adjustments to help you customize your build according to your needs.

One of them is the implementation of the bracket for GPU installation which now can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees to install the graphics card either in the vertical or horizontal direction. The case also comes with a 400mm riser cable to support the graphics card vertically.

The case features the same iconic handles above the case to carry it but the outward appearance has been changed a little to make it look more appealing. Now the front panel is equipped with two LED strips that start from the top and end at the bottom. The LED strips use ARGB lighting that can be controlled by the button present at the top of the front panel. In this case, you can install the motherboard in three different ways and thus it allows the three ways as:- Conventional layout, Chimney layout and Inverted layout.

Along with the high modularity of the case, it supports the AIO coolers and liquid cooling very well. As the case also comes with 4x 140mm pre-installed fans at the front and at the rear, you don’t have to worry about the cooling out of the box. CoolerMaster Cosmos C700M will be available for purchase as pre-order from 8th OCT 2018 in North America with the price tag of $439.99.

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