CoolerMaster launches one more MasterBox Case The MB350P

The MasterBox MB530P has just been launched by Cooler Master. A company that is popularly labelled and branded in Cases, Cooling, and other PC Enthusiast gear just released a case at the mid-range price point with a full-featured look. The new product named “Masterbox MB530P” will be available on Thursday, August 09, 2018 for presale at Newegg at a price of $109.99.

The MasterBox MB530P is equipped with three tempered glass panels on the front and sides of the MasterBox Case, which provides us with a clear view of components and cable management. It also features a honeycomb pattern that shows off at the bottom of the rear side panel, and this offers us a solution to protect the open side of the power supply by just covering it and hide any unseen cable out of a possible damage that can be caused by power supply.

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The Cooler Master’s new product has three addressable RGB (ARGB) 12cm fans on the front and ARGB power button that is synced by connecting the ARGB cable on the front I/O to the included two to three splitters. The lighting functionality is controlled through motherboard software or by cycling through the pre-set lighting modes attached to the reset button. The MasterBox MB530P works formally with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock motherboards. It is also helped to maintain its thermal efficiency and kept clean by providing a ventilation cutouts line by the side of the front panel that allows air to flow in, and magnetic dust filter blankets at the top of the case.

A user can perform a seamless installation without the use of tools because two friction SSD mounts are provided behind the motherboard. The user just simply needs to attach the SSD to the case by inserting the rubber pegs into the SSD sliding it into place. Two HDD/SSD trays are provided beneath the PSU shroud for more storage.

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