CS:GO’s new Panorama UI is live but currently in Beta

The rumour that was pretty on-air for a long period of time is finally getting a shape. Yes! I am talking about the new interface in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Earlier today our beloved game CSGO received a major visual update which is the all-new Panorama UI. And according to VALVE, this will be a huge change for the game’s interface since its launch back in 2012. During its tenure in the Gaming World, numerous changes and patches were made available for this game which ranges from new Weapon or Weapon Skins, In-game changes, upgrade of Maps, adjustments to various weapons but till date, this is going to be the largest visual update that the game has ever provided with.

In their latest post on Twitter, they mentioned that this update is going to change the entire UI in-game which is accessed by the players including main menu, scoreboard etc. The post is provided below which provides us with some pictures of the new update:

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However, this is the second game of VALVE which has received the Panorama UI and the first being that of DOTA 2, which was updated last year. This new update is not officially released as  VALVE has released it in Beta mode only for the community feedback and once everything is finalized it will be available for everyone. To get more details about how to get access to the Beta, make sure to check this link.



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