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CUK Stratos

CUK Stratos



Recently while surfing over the internet, we came around a PC case which is not widely known but having a look at its specification and appearance it can be said that this one is quite a good case which comes within your budget without compromising the modern day aspect.

The CUK gaming desktop is the latest product which is added by the manufacturers and CUK was initially a family business founded way back in the year 2008 in Richmond, Virginia. Now coming to the case itself, priced at just under $150, the CUK Stratos Gaming Desktop offers a lot of pre-defined customisation.

The case has dual tempered glass and along with that it is also available with 7 pre-installed RGB LED fans and can house up to ATX motherboards. However, there is no dust filter in front which makes it prone to dust. Keeping this CON aside, it has a unique front panel that allows a good amount of air intake from the front even though there is a tempered glass panel but has enough clearance at the sides to intake much more air than you can get from cases like Corsair 570X.

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CUK Stratos Specs

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