DeepCool Launches NEW ARK 90 case with pre-installed AIO cooler

DeepCool has recently launched and showed off its new mid-tower case which has some unique features. This particular case is aimed at water cooling and DeepCool named it NEW ARK 90 which sounds interesting.

DeepCool NEW ARK 90

The case has a tube in which liquid can be seen clearly from the front side. The tube is very slim and the length of it is almost equal to the height of the case. With this in mind, they have put the radiator at the side of motherboard tray so that you can have uninterrupted cooling.

DeepCool NEW ARK 90 1

The case uses an AIO Gamerstorm cooler for CPU which has a 280mm radiator installed at the side but there are 3x 140mm fans pre-installed. One is not on the radiator and one extra 140mm radiator is at the rear for exhaust. These 3 fans are also for exhaust because they throw the air out by cooling the radiator from inside.

I have used Gamerstorm Captain 240 cooler myself and it’s a fine cooler for cooling your processor but the case seems to have some flaws. First one is that the front panel is totally closed from top to bottom without any proper ventilation. It’s a thing that has been used in several PC cases to show them elegant but cases like these already have got backlashes because of reduced airflow.

Some may say that it doesn’t matter for this case cause the radiators are used as exhaust but the thing is that the front panel has slots of installed 3 more fans so, if you are gonna install fans at the front, how this case is supposed to intake cool air?

DeepCool NEW ARK 90 3

However, the case uses a different technique in components installation. You can remove the HDD drive bays which are present in the front of the PSU shroud. It doesn’t look separate from the PSU shroud even though, it isn’t covered. But to install the hard drives, you have to remove the front panel as you can’t install it without removing it. This, I don’t think is a good thing at all because it is still required to open the back panel in order to connect the cables. So, why this?

Anyways, it doesn’t interfere with the fans if installed at the front panel. The PSU shroud is having 3 cutouts for wiring and that should ease the process of connecting the front headers to the motherboard. There is also plenty of space behind the motherboard tray as claimed by DeepCool, 25mm which is fine.

DeepCool NEW ARK 90 2

From the other side, you can see that there is ventilation for exhausting the hot air from the radiator but there isn’t any option for intake. This case along with the CPU cooler will cost you $300. So, suppose if the cooler is around $150, then the case is alone costing $150 which I think is just fine. But let’s see what are the thoughts of other techs on it. But be sure to take part in the poll below.

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