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Desolate, developed by Nearga and published by Hype Train Digital will be up for early access in steam from 9th February 2018. The game is a first-person horror survival experience where a player can form a research team with up to 4 players and explore an open world filled with mysteries and unsolved questions, or the player if enough skilful can also try to do it all on your own.

The story of the game began two years back on an Island named Granichny which became the centre of a large-scale disaster of unknown origin. “The New Light” as a united group, covered up this catastrophic event and now their main job is to rectify the consequences.

There is a massive campaign called “Volunteers” which consist of people who have never held a weapon in their hands are sent to the Island to find the strange activities of the island and to gather information and take responsibility of dangerous tasks, all in hope of rectifying the mistakes of the past. And no one of those people knows what lies ahead of them.

You need to play the role of a Volunteer who will explore the spooky island which is filled with threats of every shape and size, beginning from monsters and madmen to supernatural anomalies and with an addition of unpredictable weather patterns. Some of the different characteristics are presented and explained as:

Dark Past: which is basically the exploring job you need to do for gathering essential data about the incident that took place on the island from old houses, notes left by the previous settlers etc.

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Research the Threats: you as a volunteer player need to fight with the creature of the island either openly or in a stealth approach and gather as much knowledge as possible about them.

Strength through unity: is meant for the co-op activity where you can join with four other players with different ability or fight as a lone warrior to challenge your skill in every step.

Thrive among the wastes: is to make the situation well aware to the player where he/she needs to take care of his skill, craft components or upgrade weapon and equipment to maker you survival chance higher. A player can also customize the character of the volunteer.

Resist the madness or let it consume you: is intended to you make aware that as a player you need to take care of your mental situation alongside your physical strength as the insanity of the island will change the world around you and also will affect you.

The developer is not a top rated one but seeing the gameplay it’s clear that the game will be really challenging. Let’s find that out after having a taste of the game.




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