Do not get misled by MX150 GPU as there are two versions of it

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Geforce mx150So, we have found that there are currently two versions of the Geforce MX150 GPU found in ultrabooks. The MX150 was introduced in 2017 which is the successor of the Nvidia Geforce 940MX but it’s based on the Pascal architecture providing better performance with better power efficiency. However, there is another variant of this GPU which is much slower than the original version. The original one is named with “1D10” while the slower one is named with “1D12” as per the report from Notebookcheck.

The TechPowerUp GPU-Z showed the difference between the two variants and it’s clear that the slower one is made for decreasing the overall power consumption and is being equipped mainly onto13-inch laptops. While there is no problem in making laptops with a slower version of MX150, the problem is not reporting it to the customers. No manufacturer has reported that our so and so laptop is equipped with the “1D10” or “1D12” MX150 GPU which will easily deceive some customers and they may buy a laptop thinking that they have got the faster version of the MX150 while in fact, they will get a nearly 30% slower GPU.

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Yes, this is the estimated difference in the performance of the two variants. The standard MX150 GPU has a base/boost clock speeds of 1468/1531Mhz while the slower one has 936/1037Mhz respectively. But there is a huge difference in the power consumption also. The original version has a TDP of 25W while the other one has only 10W. Notebookcheck has listed out several ultrabooks that have listed the MX150 GPU normally without specifying which one is it and you may get tricked easily in getting the slower one while you were in search of the original one.


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