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PC vs PS4

You’ve got a pocket full of cash and your eye on some games, but before that you need something to play those games on. You could buy a console, but that would be the wrong choice. Or you could buy a PC, which would be the right choice for you. Well there are so many things to come across.

PC’s are more powerful

Yes, it’s true. PCs are far more powerful than consoles. Of course not every PC but there is really no limit on how much powerful you can make your pc. You can shove in more RAM, increase your graphics by increasing the VRAM. Can easily upgrade your graphic card from GTX 980 to GTX 1080. An old desktop may not be a good competition to a PS4 but a mid-tier PC can leave it in dust.


A PC gamer would never have to worry about generations. About 5-6 years from now XBOX-ONE and PS4 gets outdated, but PC never knew the meaning of outdate, because it’s always upgradable. Instead of spending so much of money on a console, you can rather prefer to spend the same money on upgrading your PC with the latest hardware.

Generation of consoles
Generations of consoles both xbox(left) and PS (right).


PC is the best, but depends on your RIG. If you have a high-end RIG, then consoles are no match to you. PC doesn’t have a limit on resolution, we can play up to 4K resolution with good and reasonable frame rates whereas consoles can be played only in 1080p with 30fps. Moreover NVIDIA and AMD are also working on bringing up 8K gaming experience whereas consoles are still trying to launch 4k gaming.
Here are few comparisons –

PC vs Xbox one graphics comparison

PC vs Xbox one graphics comparison 2

 PC vs Xbox one graphics comparison 3

PC vs Xone vs PS4 graphics comparison


You are not tied to one online service while playing through PC. You do not have to rely on single central server such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. PC gamers can play through Steam, Uplay, origin servers, Rockstar Servers. Yeah PC gamers have got hell lot of options. LAN parties are awesome. LAN parties are a PC tradition that get people travelling for miles to meet up with old friends and enemies, and you can find kicking off in massive conventions as well as your mate’s garage.

When there are problems with, for example, PSN, then everyone suffers. Everyone is at its mercy. With PC games, all you have to worry about is your connection and the game itself. If there are problems with the latter, you can just play something else online instead.

Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay – some are loved, others reviled, but at least there’s no dearth of options. They make it easy to manage your game library and frequently host some of the absurd aforementioned discounts.

If you see one of your friends playing a game you love on Xbox, you have to go through a rigmarole of sending requests and setting up parties to get in the same voice server as them. That, or send them a written message with the torturous on-screen keyboard. On PC, simply say hi using Steam’s chat overlay, and if they’re free to chat just call them using the VOIP feature in Steam or swap to something like Skype or Teamspeak.


Consoles have more number of accessories accordingly than PC like motion sensors, joysticks, steering wheels which would tempt a customer to drop some more on them. But coming to traditional gaming, Keyboard and Mouse are far more comfortable than Joysticks. If you feel like playing with joysticks, well you can buy a joystick for a PC too.

Console games are made for joysticks. If you are a FPS lover, then joysticks are not a good option for you. But if you prefer playing slow shooter like the Fallout 4, Or any third person action games like Grand Theft Auto 5, joystick or keyboard anything is fine.

If you love playing racing games then the joysticks are the best option for you and vibrations in the joysticks will give you the best experience of playing a racing game like NEED FOR SPEED – RIVALS in consoles. But playing competitive games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty or Battlefield, the combination of keyboard and mouse just works, offering orders of magnitude more precision and speed than fiddly analogue sticks.

Motion gaming is fun but when it comes to some serious gaming, motion gaming is nowhere in the list. So, motion gaming is for kids rather than for PROs PCs are more functional than the consoles. Consoles these days are marketed as multimedia devices. You can watch TV on them! You can upload stuff to Facebook! You can do a few of the things that people have been doing on PCs for years! Even as consoles play catch-up, PCs remain considerably more versatile.


PC games are cheaper as compared to the console games. For every three games you get for you PS4 or Xbox One, you can get four on PC. So, PC games tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts, but it’s the discounts that are most noteworthy. Seasonal sales get pretty crazy, with digital distribution sites.

But the one thing a PC gamer will be missing are the EXCLUSIVES. Though PC have its own exclusives, there are few console exclusive games which will never be launched for PC. It’s pretty rare that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC. At some point, many of them come to consoles. But console exclusives stay exclusive, and when it boils down to it, the games are the only thing that matter.

Nintendo is still one of the best developers out there, and they make games exclusively for their own systems. Naughty Dog has released some of the best action-adventure games of the last 10 years like uncharted series, the last of us, and they’re exclusive to PlayStation. You can’t play Demon’s Souls, Mario Galaxy, Last of Us, Trials HD, Valkyria Chronicles or Journey on a PC. Some of those are my favourite games, and they keep me coming back. Unless you’re huge into strategy games, PC exclusive games don’t even come close with quality exclusives.


PC gaming and console game are two different things. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Honestly, they’re so different that they’re almost impossible to compare. Both attract a different kind of person entirely, but that doesn’t make one better than the other.

There’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more on a PC than you would on a console, though less than you might think. But you’ll get more out of it, have a system that can be tweaked and upgraded and you’ll probably spend less money on games, too.


If you haven’t owned any PC or console and want one for gaming, I would suggest a PC. If you already have an old PC, you better upgrade it rather than going for consoles. But if you are totally a mad person of games, no matter console or PC, just like me you can buy both, but better wait till you find a decent library of games for consoles.

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I am Sourya Sarthak, pursuing my engineering in IIIT-Banglore. I am an hardcore and a passionate gamer. Hope you like my article.

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Sourya Sarthak

I am Sourya Sarthak, pursuing my engineering in IIIT-Banglore. I am an hardcore and a passionate gamer.
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